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LA and DrugsBurhed
Aug 2, 2001 6:39 PM
I know this will make a lot of people mad and maybe it has been brought up on this post, but I have not seen it. I keep hearing about the accusations of the press (French mainly) that LA is on drugs (EPO, etc.). How can they say that? If I understand correctly, there is random testing during the tour and each stage winner gets tested. That means LA was tested at least 4 times, and came up clean. My main question is why do they keep up with the accusations? Is there some sort of performance enhancing drug that current testing can not detect? I'm looking for some "expert" opinions here. I've heard time and time again from LA that he is clean, and I believe him, but why do some still accuse him?

I've heard this before. If LA is on drugs then everybody else is on drugs; and if everybody went off drugs at the same time they would still finish in the same places, just with slower times.