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Some Questions...(4 posts)

Some Questions...TJohn
Jul 30, 2001 9:48 AM
I don't know a whole lot about the rules and regs of organized road racing and so I have a few Qs that some of you might be able to clear up.
1) How is it that Lance dominates the mountains and not get the "King of the Mountains" jersey?? Can the wearer of the Yellow jersey also claim the other leader jerseys?? How are the points awarded for the mountains??
2) Who are the top sprinters in the world?? Zabel, Cippo????
3) How much bigger is Jan Ullrich over Lance?? If JA learned high cadence spinning, could JA be better than LA in the mountains??
re: Some Questions...dug
Jul 30, 2001 10:42 AM
1. Except for Time Trials, points are awarded daily for intermediate sprints and "KOM" (King of the Mountain). Each stage will have multiple predetermined sprint locales and KOM (at the peak of climbs). Even "flat" stages will have KOM sprints. Intermediate sprints and KOM award 6 points to the 1rst rider, 4 points to the 2nd and 2 points to the 3rd rider across the sprint line. Finish lines award 35 points, 30, 25, 20,18,16,14, etc. down to 20 top riders (I think) and likewise with KOM ("bigger" points awarded at bigger climbs). Sprints = green jersey, KOM = polka dot jersey. (Also the white jersey = accumulated points/finish postion to riders under 23 years old). Therefore, Athough Lance did dominate in the mountains, he did not have enough overall points to take the polka dot. Yes, the yellow jersey can also have other jerseys. In fact when Stuart O'Grady was in yellow this year, he also led the sprints and was awarded the green jersey (he only wore the green after he relinquished the yellow). It is not uncommon (especially early in a long stage race) for the leader to "wear" multiple jerseys. (that being said, they only actually ride with 1 jersey on... )
2. Per the tour, it is Zabel. BUT: There are certainly other top sprinters: Cippo, Steels, Kirasappu, O'Grady, etc. not to mention virtually any good track rider (albeit a diffrent disciplne of the sport)
3. No idea, but its only a few lbs. Learning a higher cadence is not neccessarily the way to get better in the mountains. (It sure works for Lance...) Cadence is a matter of personel preference. (its similar to a 'correct' batting stance, every one is 'correct' if it works for the batter). Nutrition, choosing the right parents, teammates, bluffing, attitude, mecahnicals, 'peaking', etc. ALL affect being better.
Jul 30, 2001 1:44 PM
i read that jan weighs about 8 kilos more than lance. About 17.6 pounds.
Jan's weightGuillermo
Jul 30, 2001 2:16 PM
Someone ate too much weinerschintzel.