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Some last thoughts...Anonymous Athlete
Jul 28, 2001 8:39 PM
...The last stage of this year's tour looms and I see the annual signs of "Post Tour Depression" setting in. With this wistfull melancholy I would like to add a few thoughts.

This year's tour was as nervous and twitchy a tour as I can remember (granted, I have only been watching for a few years, maybe ten at best, but I have seen the videos!) From the earliest stages we aw attacks that came earlier than usual. It was a spectacular event from day one.

This year also saw Lance do it again. His third came with more zest and heart than the prior three, and left us with many indelible images to deicpher, discuss and think about not just for the year to come, but many MANY years.

Who will forget "the look" on L'Alpe D'Huez, or his piston like performance in the ITT? The only "nfortunate" thing from this years peformance from Lance may be the ealry stages of Hollywood in him with his "third person references".

And now fellow riders, if I may be allowed and indulgence...

This has been a turbulent year for me. Athletics have played a key role in keeping me centered and "here." I waited all year for the "le tour" to come around and was not dissapointed. As silly as it sounds at this point in life (mid thirties) Lance has provided me with much needed inspiration. People like this do not come around everyday and we shoudl cherish that when we can.

Also, to ALL the athletes and compeitiors from 2001 le tour, kudos. Let's not forget Jonathan Vaughters who had to DNF, and all the other wonderful side stories!

Thanks to Lance, Jan and the rest, and I look forward to the Vuelte and next years season!