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O'Grady v. Zabel - Head Up?(3 posts)

O'Grady v. Zabel - Head Up?Gear Chimp
Jul 27, 2001 11:02 AM
If Zabel & O'Grady were close enough (Zabel still has some work to get within 5 points), would (or should) the peloton let them sprint head-to-head on the Champs-Elysées for the green jersey? Just a thought to add some excitement on Sunday.
re: O'Grady v. Zabel - Head Up?mr_spin
Jul 27, 2001 11:17 AM
The peloton doesn't have any say in the matter. I sure both Telekom and Credit Agricole will be at the front winding things up trying to take their guy to the win. The peloton? It can try to hang on and some other rider can try to steal the win. But it definitely won't be a two-up sprint for the line between Zabel and O'Grady. It should be a really fast and exciting finish both Saturday and Sunday.
re: O'Grady v. Zabel - Head Up?TJeanloz
Jul 28, 2001 9:49 AM
Winning on the Champs Elysees is among the most prestigious moments that a cyclist can have. Nobody from the other teams is going to give up their shot at that glory so that two already very decorated sprinters can have another accolade. Either way, they're separated by two points now, so you can bet they'll go head to head for 10th place if it comes down to it.