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Ja-Ja? Ja! Ja!(3 posts)

Ja-Ja? Ja! Ja!JimF
Jul 26, 2001 11:33 AM
After all he's been through, what a great performance by Jalabert to take the King of the Mountains title and win a stage on Bastille Day. Such a highly respected pro, and a great rider for so many years, he could be the best to never win a Tour de France.
JaJa's the MAN!!!Cima Coppi
Jul 26, 2001 12:06 PM
Here's a fine example of a racer out to win all he can. He races the classics, he's won the Vuelta, he's won the maillot vert in the TdF, etc. I would agree he may be the best rider never to have won the TdF, but I would also add to that list:

Alex Zulle
Tony Rominger
Gianni Bugno
Robert Miller
Andy Hampsten
Abraham Olano (Maybe)
Phil Anderson
Sean Kelly
TO JA JA!!!Spyder Ryder
Jul 26, 2001 1:08 PM
Yeah I didnt really like him with the ONCE team, maybe it was just the ONCE team itself but his new team and his new attitude has been really refreshing. I see him like Dan Marino, he has all these accomplishments but no Super Bowl ring , or in this case, maillot juarne, but we don't and can't feel sad for him. People would kill to have half of his success.

I definately feel you on Rominger, he just ran into a wall named Indurain, kinda like Ullrich is now with Armstrong, but Ullrich has a maillot juarne already so we can't feel sad for him though.