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Serge Baguet: Another great story(5 posts)

Serge Baguet: Another great storyOld Guy
Jul 26, 2001 11:09 AM
Man, this Tour has been a good one. This guy who won today quit riding in 97', drank 20 lbs onto his gut and became a roofer. This his family talked him into getting back onto the bike two years ago and he has the gall to go out and win a stage of the Tour.


I love this sport.

PS: I hope Kivilev slaps Beloki silly tomorrow.
re: Serge Baguet: Another great storyBig Lug
Jul 26, 2001 12:01 PM
From one old guy to another old guy I'll second that. This has been a great Tour this year. Never mind what all these rookies keep saying about Lance and Jan sandbagging now that they're out of the mountains. What a bunch of morons. Do you guys actually believe what you're saying or are you just trying to stir sh!t? When Lance and Jan were killing themselves putting on the show of the year what do you think all the sprinters were doing? Yeah, they were getting spit out the back by an hour or more just trying to survive until they got to the flats again. That's their territory, not Lance's and Jan's. To criticize them for not trying to win each and every stage is totally ridiculous. All it tells me is that you guys don't know half of what you think you know about bike racing.

Hey Old Guy, I too hope Kivilev ends up on the podium in third place, but I think Beloki is gonna beat him by 1'30" in the TT tomorrow.
I also think Armstrong will win the TT over Ullrich by 25 seconds.
Any thoughts?
re: Serge Baguet: Another great storyRon B
Jul 26, 2001 12:21 PM
I agree this has been a great tour this year. As for tomorrow I agree for the most part. I think Beloki will take Kivilev in the time trial and finish the Tour in 3rd, if it's close Saturday and Sunday could be really fun to watch.

On Armstrong winning the TT tomorrow, I think Ullrich will win for several reasons. First Lance already has three stage wins this year so he doesn't need the win to confirm his Tour win (like many would say he needs). Second Jan would really like a stage win and TT is his speciality so I think he will really go hard to pull out the win tomorrow. Third I think Lance would like Jan to get a stage win this year due to the effort he put out in the mountains trying to catch Lance. I say Lance pays close attention to the time splits since Jan is in front of him and he keeps it with in 20 seconds but Jan will take the victory. Consider it good sportsmanship, like last year when Lance gave the victory to Pantani.
re: Serge Baguet: Another great storyOld Guy
Jul 26, 2001 12:42 PM
Yeah, Beloki will probably win but I'm still rooting for the Russian (weird, considering I'm old enough to worry about getting drafted into a Hot War if the Cold one ever got out of hand.)

Regarding Lance "giving" tomorrow's TT to JA: I dunno. If they're both going absolutely flat out, I'd give the nod to JA but only by a breath. However, I'd bet JA is more tired than Lance at this point simply because of their winter regimen. So I guess in a mano-a-mano TOMORROW I'd give it to Lance.

But will Lance give the TT to Jan by a few secs? I really don't know but my initial tendency is to doubt it. He 'gave' JU a third in the mountains and he once gave a win to Pantani. The latter gesture kind of blew up in his face, as you may recall. But Pantani is made from a different social mettle than JA.

Conclusion: Too close to call. Let's all watch tomorrow morning...
From one old guy to two other old guysBrian C.
Jul 26, 2001 12:11 PM
Just read his story on the wire. I couldn't help think: That's me! He's lived out my fantasy.