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Mercury/Viatel in trouble(3 posts)

Mercury/Viatel in troubleDjudd
Jul 25, 2001 8:31 PM
According to AFP wire service the Mercury-Viatel formation will not be selected for the Vuelta because of financial concerns. They are having problems paying their riders. Apparently this stems from the lack of exposure after the TdF snubbing. IMHO Mercury could and would have done much better than Big Mat in the tour. Do we lose another team stateside? Ask J.M. LeBlanc.
Not wanting any trouble here, but...Canidraftyou
Jul 25, 2001 9:32 PM
I think it would be good for Cycling if Lance went to Mercury, the money would follow and we would get two teams in the TDF next year, like a past post of mine suggested. Not going any further with that, some people are combing each and ever statement I make with a cog brush.

Peace out,
Mercury shouldn't have bought all those commercialsmoschika
Jul 27, 2001 3:11 PM
they could use the money instead to keep their team alive and pay their riders.