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How many....?(10 posts)

How many....?Guillermo
Jul 25, 2001 4:04 PM
How many Ullrich fans are out there and why? I'm just curious.
re: How many....?Only300
Jul 25, 2001 4:22 PM
I'm a HUGE Lance fan but I am also a Jan Ullrich fan. I like Ullrich because he is a true competitor that never gives up, as seen in the TDF this year and last year. He is also a damn good rider.
re: How many....?jschrotz
Jul 25, 2001 4:24 PM
You can count me as an Ullrich fan.

Why? The guy impressed the hell out of me in '96 when he rode in support of Riis. Then he did it again in '97 riding away from all of the climbers on the road up to Arcalis, and went on to dominate the rest of the Tour.
Jan Fan!! (does that rhyme??)Cima Coppi
Jul 25, 2001 4:32 PM
I am definitely a JU fan and here is why. As was stated already, he helped Riis win his only Tour in '96 when the two of them finally managed to do what no one had been able to in the 5 previous TdF's, beat BigMig. At the time JU was only 23, so we all knew he would be a force to be reckoned with. In '97, he worked his @$$ off for Riis until he was told to try for the Tour win himself. He became the youngest TdF winner since Fignon in '84. He has an impressive palmares under his name, and he's still not even 30 yet. He has provided us with the only excitement the TdF has seen in the past two years when he has battled LA. He's only won 1 TdF, but he's finished 2nd in 4 of them, and that says a lot about the strength of the rider. If LA were not racing, the cycling world would be calling him the greatest rider currently on the bike.

I always like a true champion, and JU is one in my book!!

It's more respectSpyder Ryder
Jul 25, 2001 5:40 PM
I have respect for Ullrich because he seems to be bullheaded, which is a good thing but I can't realy say that I "like" him. He's got that German superiority thing workin for him, you know?? "I am Ullrich and you should step aside so I may ride over you." It might just be that I dont really know him that well.

I am proud to say that I've been a Lance fan ever since the beginning. I mean it's good that people hop on the Lance bandwagon in the last few years, but I'm an original. I got into cycling about the same time Lance was starting, about '93 when he won the WC. I remember Team Motorola and Andy Hampsten who was the GC contender at the time. Heres the weird thing, I was 13 when I first started getting into cycling, so while others were watching baseball (uhhhhhgggggggg) I was watching the Tour.

I've also liked the Kelme team. They always are underrated and dont have a major GC contender but they always come out with a good Tour. Plus they always clean up in the Vuelta.
It's more respectrodemiles
Jul 25, 2001 6:01 PM
The Kelme team might have a fight on their hands with Postal this year, particularly if Lance rides as a domestique. That would put some fear in them for sure.
Was not at first, I think he's Alrighty.Canidraftyou
Jul 25, 2001 8:22 PM
Would be proud to have him on my team. HE DON'T QUIT!

Peace out,
Go JUjk
Jul 26, 2001 10:04 AM
I like to watch Jan ride the big ring, but he needs to take a page out of LA's book in the mountains. Increase cadence and stop trying to push the big gears. Every time LA attacked JU couldn't respond because to the gears he was using.
re: How many....?Guillermo
Jul 26, 2001 10:34 AM
Hey, thanks for the replies. I see why now Ullrich does have a lot of supporters.

I don't really count myself as a "fan" of Ullrich's, though, because his (or Team Telekom's) strategies seems pretty pointless and/or predictable. I mean, why would you try to burn a climber (LA) out in the Alps? I understand that at l'Alpe d'Huez, Ullrich was under the impression that LA wasn't feeling too hot, but still it wasn't a good idea. And after that... there's no excuse for falling for ANOTHER LA bluff.

It's cool that he has a lot of potential, though, and he does have the benefit of being younger than LA. Maybe next year Ullrich will adopt some new training ideas (like losing a few pounds and cadence-wise) and the Tour might get even more interesting.

Thanks again ;)
re: How many....?jschrotz
Jul 26, 2001 12:17 PM
I don't think they were trying to burn LA off in the mountain stages after L'Alpe d'Huez. IMO, they were trying to burn off the guys who got that huge gap on everyone just before the mountains, especially Kivilev, and they were also trying to shed as many of USPS riders as they could to try to isolate Armstrong. That's what I think anyway.