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Zabel vs. O'Grady, (the Second Race)(2 posts)

Zabel vs. O'Grady, (the Second Race)GW Rider
Jul 25, 2001 11:44 AM
There are only 12 points between Stuart O'Grady, currently in Green, and Erik Zabel, the winner of the Maillot Vert the past five years. With Lance in the driver's seat for the overall GC and Laurent Jalabert, likely to retain the Climber's jersey, attention is now on the sprinter's race.

Who will win between these two titans of the sprint?
re: Zabel vs. O'Grady, (the Second Race)bp.!
Jul 25, 2001 3:26 PM
Being and Aussie, I cetainly hope stuey can pull the green from Zabel.

Someone has to do it! I can't think of a better choice.