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Whattsamatta with you guys(7 posts)

Whattsamatta with you guysTom C
Jul 25, 2001 7:58 AM
The Tour is over. The Handshake was congratulatory. When the course is laid out this way,i.e. flat-mountains-flat, the winner is the one in the yellow jersey out of the mountain stages. It's been like this for years. I remember Hinault, just for fun, sprinting in yellow in the final stage up the Champs and winning the final stage in 1981, I think it was. But that Tour was over for GC and this one is as well. Get over it.
Notice ITT Stage 18...John R.
Jul 25, 2001 9:31 AM
Sure, the mountains always sort out the GC. But if a few riders come out of the mountains with close times than the ITT becomes very important.

Since Lance dominated so thoroughly, the GC won't be contested anymore. But the green jersey is still close and there is still the glory of a stage win to be had.

John R.
Notice ITT Stage 18...Tom C
Jul 25, 2001 1:21 PM
My comments are directed to the, (there must be some way for Jan to win crowd.) e.g."What if Lance crashes?" "Can't they(Telekom) attack him on the flats etc. ad nauseum. You've read the threads yourself.Armstrong starts, of course behind Ullrich in the Friday time trial and as a consequence will have all the time splits at his ready. Miracles can happen but they shouldn't be expected eh?
Jan had his chance!!Cima Coppi
Jul 25, 2001 4:02 PM
As much as I wanted JU to win the TdF this year, his chance to do so has come and gone. It would be extremely poor sportsmanship for him to attack if LA crashed flatted etc. Especially after LA waited for him when he crashed on that descent a few days ago. JU will never make up over 5 minutes on the last ITT (unless LA crashes there). If LA crashed out of the race, JU will have then always have that * after his name on the list of tour winners. He does not want that; he wanted to beat LA fairly, instead he was the beaten man. He'll have to wait for next year.

Jan had his chance!!Guillermo
Jul 25, 2001 4:06 PM
Amen to that!
In case you didnt notice..................Spyder Ryder
Jul 25, 2001 4:57 PM
We still have a good race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. OK I'll give you that Ullrich will destroy Kivilev in the TT but he does only have 8 seconds on him. Beloki is also behind Kivilev by 1'20 and Beloki is a better TTer than Kivilev so that should be close.

As some have said before the green jersey should be really close with O'Drady having only a 12 pt differential over Zabel. The story line is interesting too, the king of the green jersey going against his friend and new challenger.

But yes the race for 1st is over, but now we have the victory lap, showing it off to the world that Lance is the greatest cyclist in the world at this time.
The perfect statementPeter E
Jul 26, 2001 5:04 AM
I have to say that to call this last "flat" (these stages haven't really been so flat) part of the TdF the victory lap is as close to the truth as you can get. Completly right, a nice cruise to show the world who did it this year