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Complaints about OLN-TDF ads..........(6 posts)

Complaints about OLN-TDF ads..........CDC
Jul 24, 2001 7:24 PM
Tonite, watching the TDF replay, i started to moan as another "Runaway Shoes", i.e. USPS ad came on. I had made fun of this ad in the past, and had seen several posts about the other frequent ads such as camelback, and Mercury, Mongoose. Then it dawned on me. Instead of deriding these advertisers, we should applaud them along with OLN. These sponsers are supporting coverage of the Tour, which I think is awesome. It's kind of sad that there weren't more companies willing to put some dough down for this event. I hope that the coverage has been seen as a success for OLN, and that they will carry it again next year.

What? No coverage? NOOOOOO....Neddy!!!..OHHH Neddy!!...Pooor Pooor Neddy.
Not much better here.Atombomber
Jul 24, 2001 7:43 PM
OLN Canada has the same broadcast, but substitutes Canadian commercials. Esquire Watches, Delicioso Pizza, Castrol Oil, Fuji Film are every ad space. Every once and a while they throw in a Kia ad. But, for every bad ad, there's some Tour coverage. Gotta take one to get the other.
re: Complaints about OLN-TDF ads..........carbonguy
Jul 24, 2001 10:18 PM
your totally right OLN has great coverage and I hope they get enouf advertising next year to have 2-3 hours of coverage everyday.
Yeah if we show support for the advertisers more will come.Spyder Ryder
Jul 24, 2001 10:21 PM
Its basic Business 101, if you see results after an ad campaign then you know that it worked. Other companies see this and want to get into bicyling coverage as well and the sport grows and grows, it'll be a beautiful thing guys trust me. BTW I thinkOLN has the rights to air the Tour for like 5 years. ESPN had the rights but was outbid by OLN so now OLN has probably 5 years worth of broadcast rights, like how NBC lost the NFL to Fox, and CBS has winter Olympics coverage and NBC has summer.

Finally lets have a moment of silence for Neddy.................................................................
Everybody go out a buy a Potty Putter!Jay H
Jul 26, 2001 5:48 AM
You know all of us cyclists are closet Golf freaks...

I saw this ad while watching the taped stage 15 last night!!!

Almost died laughing..

I've got one, it rules! nmLazy
Jul 27, 2001 8:04 AM