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IV drips?(4 posts)

IV drips?bp
Jul 24, 2001 4:33 PM
Does anyone know how many cyclists use IV drips to rehydrate during tours like le tdf?

I'm not sure what my opinion is yet but I'm thinking that I'm against it. I must be a bit of a purist (or just hate needles) to believe that you should only be aided by what you can take orally etc.

Any other (probably more elnlightened) opinions are most welcome so I can figure this out...

(if this has been discussed before please point me in the right direction)
I'm not comfortable with it....JohnnyA
Jul 25, 2001 11:02 AM
But it has become a medical necessity due to the lenght of stages (IMHO). Interestingly, in Willy Voet's, book he describes how he kept IV drips ready to drop the hematocrit levels down if needed. Of course IV's don't mean doping and are allowed by UCI, but they are certainly a tool that the dopers can use to beat the system.
I'm comfortable with it...Ron B
Jul 25, 2001 12:30 PM
IV drips have almost become a necessity in sports these days to keep athletes performing at peak levels, especially during endurance events such as the Tour. How many times do you hear of a football player recieving fluids through an IV at halftime because they are cramping up? And football isn't nearly as strenous as cycling for 5 hours. I'd bet that during any multi day event just about every athlete receive an IV drip. It's just a part of sports these days.

If you were to make them illegal in the tour I think you would find that only a few athletes could finish the tour and you would have many heat stroke victims and quite possibly a lot of deaths during the tour. Just try and imagine how much fluid they must take in over a three week period just to remain hydrated. You would have a hard time drinking that much fluid, then try adding in eating on top of that. Also try and think about thier low bodyfat percentage and lack of places to store extra fluids in the body and hydration becomes a major concern in an event like this.

So yea, I'm comfortable with it. If I were in the tour (that isn't ever going to happen) I would more than welcome an IV for my self.
BUT ...bp.!
Jul 25, 2001 3:24 PM
I'm still not so sure on all my facts.

When did this IV hydration/recovery trend begin? Surely tours have been conducted before without it and more than a few riders have finished? We seem to be going from a point in time where it was your training and to a large extent genetics to a technology race which if I right, the UCI have stopped for bike tech why not recovery tech?

Make the race about human endurance once again ...

I yet to be convinced is all...