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Bathroom Breaks??(8 posts)

Bathroom Breaks??carbonguy
Jul 23, 2001 9:06 PM
Where and when do tour riders relieve themselfs? I know triathletes pee on the bike do tour riders do that and worse?
Three ways...Cima Coppi
Jul 24, 2001 5:03 AM
I've seen the riders relieve themselves in 3 different ways. One, they'll stop on the side of the road and go, they'll coast along the side of the road, or they'll get a push from a teammate while they go. I don't know if there is an unwritten rule in the peloton about not attacking during bathroom breaks, but the whole group tends to slow down while riders relieve themselves.
Cyclesport MagPaulCL
Jul 24, 2001 7:07 AM
Take a look in this month's issue. They have a great picture of the entire peloton lined up along the side of the road taking a whiz. Absolutely hilarious. There must be 30 guys in a row.
what about the women?quinroo
Jul 24, 2001 7:18 AM
well, we've seen the guys on the tour pull down their bibs and pee... but my question is, what do you do if you're female?
what about the women?ColnagoFE
Jul 24, 2001 7:23 AM
i'm guessing both men and women go in their pants if they have to...though I guess you'd really have to want to win.
what about the women?ak
Jul 24, 2001 7:25 AM
hmmm, good question what do all those women in this years tour do when they need to pee? Probably the same thing all the women in previous tours have done. Good question though, you get a gold star!
what about the women?TJeanloz
Jul 24, 2001 9:59 AM
Despite your incredibly witty response, their is also a Tour de France Feminin. Women typically have 'pee stops' in sparsly populated areas where a good portion of the field will stop, making the chase relatively easy.
In the Double Iron Tri...Clyde
Jul 24, 2001 10:20 AM
Used to have a race called the Double Iron tri here in Huntsville AL..last 12 years..worlds first multi-iron race... (bike ride was 224 miles) anyway...the better racer would pee by pulling their shorts up and whizzing off to the right hand side of the bike while cycling..they would slow down a bit, and do it on flat non-techinical parts..key thing is to remind those behind you to get out of the way!