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Run away shoe's dot com Tours worst add's???(18 posts)

Run away shoe's dot com Tours worst add's???carbonguy
Jul 22, 2001 6:51 PM
how many of you guys are totally sick of that add?
My vote goes for Mercury Montaineer. An SUV for the city?...Bruno S
Jul 22, 2001 7:39 PM
The mongoose commercial is also terrible. They don't show or talk about the bike. Just some stupid rock and tree characters.
Mercury's the worst by farAdam M.
Jul 23, 2001 6:44 AM
They could at least lose the Mountaineer name and give it something more appropriate like Yuppie Tank or Pedestrian Squasher. Whatever happened to real sport-utility vehicles?
Mercury Montaineer. Gas Guzzling Status Symbol!!! (NM)Cima Coppi
Jul 23, 2001 8:06 AM
I like the Mongoose ads, even...E3
Jul 23, 2001 10:47 AM
...after seeing'em 500 times. They promote the product and entertain. At least, that's the way I see it.

"Always disrespectin' the rock."
Mercury is just killin' meTypeOne
Jul 23, 2001 11:23 AM
This is how Mercury tortures the viewer after their team is not selected, as if we had anything to do with it.

The Mercury Mountaineer ad ends with some insipid line like "Because the roads you travel most often are also driven by everyone else."

In the ad, you certainly don't see many other vehicles on the road. Maybe they are saying that everyone else will drive and will notice your status-symbol SUV, or maybe they are saying that you need a couple tons of metal to intimidate and possibly squash anything smaller than you. I refuse to even think of any deeper meaning they could be hinting at. On its surface, that is a stupid line. Oh yeah, maybe Mercury doesn't know about the private race course everyone set up on the 4 acres behind the house.

Couldn't Mercury have come up with some other ads to run in their spots?!
Mercury mountaineer...makes it sound like somebody died...Mabero
Jul 24, 2001 6:54 AM
I hate that add...I have to change the channel (temporarily) while that add is on...
Tours worst ad...Brian B.
Jul 22, 2001 8:11 PM
I'm waiting for the one where the guy hops off his Mongoose, jumps into the Mountaineer, and tears onto the baseball field, destroying the turf and scaring away the runaway shoes guy.... ahhh, only in my imagination. Other than the terrible repeating ads, OLN has it right.

-Brian B.
It makes me smile. It is a believable scenario that >>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 23, 2001 4:19 AM
some guy from a small Internet startup would run amuk on the field for free National exposure. I think I know someone who would do just that and he runs funny too! :-)
the potty puttermoschika
Jul 23, 2001 7:20 AM
it's not on all the time but it's played enough.
Where's the "Poop n' Pedal"? (nm)E3
Jul 23, 2001 11:11 AM
Camel Bak -- yukmr_spin
Jul 23, 2001 8:43 AM
It rubs me the wrong way. It's like being forced to listen to someone eating with their mouth open. Yuk.
i want to choke the guy - - -liv2padl
Jul 23, 2001 8:45 AM
everytime that add comes on i want to reach through the screen the choke the guy running around screaming. it's enough i have to mute the sound.

and the damn mercury mountaineer is also enough to have me NEVER buy a mercury mountaineer, EVER. talk about repetitive.
re: Run away shoes dot com--Tour's worst ads???Skip Intro
Jul 23, 2001 4:14 PM
I'm getting into it actually. I think "runaway shoes dot com!!!" should become another fad saying on par with "all your base" or "whassup".

The mercury ads are incredibly annoying. Just what the world needs, a third row with incredible leg & head room.

They save the best ads for the late edition, for instance Invisible Fence, my pet's so healthy and happy now that we've got this thing that administers an electric shock every time the dog tries to run away until the pavlovian reaction finally sets in the poor mutt's dim brain.
Lenny No!!! Oh..sweet, sweet Lenny !!SquidFishus
Jul 23, 2001 6:34 PM
Don't be getting up in Mongoose's or Mercury's grill because you've seen their ads a million times...if this were a more mainstream event you'd see it on a bigger network (for less time) with more glad we're getting the unbelievable coverage OLN is giving us....The crap I saw on CBS last weekend was all edited and damn near unwatchable....

I thank the Lord every single time that crazy Mongoose ad comes on...I laugh, I cry, I pee myself silly....poor, sweet Lenny.
Mongoose adds are pretty funny...Mabero
Jul 24, 2001 6:59 AM
It reminds of the ads last year...with the "Hello Meteor" and "I love to travel"...etc
4 ads over and over and over on OLN CanadaShockee
Jul 23, 2001 8:18 PM
gawd ... the worst is: 'it's not delivery it's Delissio' shut up b!tch!
'Esquire esquire, esquire, esquire, esquire' es-quiet you washed-out- faced simpletons
'JVC holds .. whatever their stupid jingle is' blah blah blah

tempted to time-shift the rest of it - hard getting up at 6:00am to see the Delissio lady again and again and again. We did get every stage coverage on OLN when you U.S. guys had to watch CBS, though :)
Has anybody checked out Meat
Jul 24, 2001 10:09 AM
it takes you directly to the Postal site. I was somewhat disappointed.

I don't want to get off on a rant here but let's not forget one thing, these people are paying for your coverage of the Tour. As annoying as it may be to see that same commercials again and again these are the companies that you should be patronizing because they support cycling. If we all went out and purchased an SUV for the city and told the dealer it was because of the ads we saw during the tour coverage next year we would get better coverage and much better ads. Maybe ya'll forgot how tv or for that matter Professional cycling works. It's all about advertising and selling products just like NASCAR. I go out of my way to use services and products that support cycling locally and as much as I can at a national level.

Maybe this is a separate string.

Pack Meat