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A very classy Tour(3 posts)

A very classy Tourmike mcmahon
Jul 22, 2001 12:47 PM
I don't remember a Tour, let alone any sporting event in recent years, where the main competitors displayed as much class as Armstrong and Ullrich have displayed this year. Although a few may question his motivation for doing so, Armstrong displayed class waiting for Ullrich after what appeared to be a life-threatening crash. Ullrich displayed class today by reaching out for Armstrong's hand at the finish line. Ullrich and Armstrong have spoken of one another with nothing but respect throughout the Tour. The rivalry between Armstrong and Ullrich will go down as one of the great rivalries in Tour history. Fortunately, it will probably be remembered for the respect these riders have for each other, rather than sniping, name-calling, or one-upsmanship that is too common in sport.
re: A very classy Tour12x23
Jul 22, 2001 1:50 PM
And, the doping allegations bullsheet seems to FINALLY have died.
re: A very classy Tourrodemiles
Jul 22, 2001 5:35 PM
I agree 100%. Lance and Ullrich have both demonstrated the utmost class and respect for one another. I'm happy to see 2 athletes demonstrating the level of sportsmanship they have demonstrated this tour. For Ullrich to be foiled on every one of his attacks and not become snippy as a result speaks of his class. I'm sure he realizes there's absolutely nothing he could have done differently that would have helped. I've never seen a mountain performance as impressive as Lance's this tour, and I've been avidly following the tour for almost 30 years. Jalabert said (himself showing a lot of class) that he was fighting for the polka dot jersey, not the best climber's jersey: it's obvious who that is. I'll be interested in seeing if Armstrong goes for the win in the last time trial. My suspicion is that his combativeness will not let him sit back and take it easy.