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Let's face it!(6 posts)

Let's face it!CyclingWolf
Jul 21, 2001 6:08 PM
Unless you have attempted the Tour yourself, myself included who are we to judge any team or rider. No matter how much you dissect and analyze who is better who is not just remember even the last rider in the GC is there and we are here. I am just thankful I am able to ride a bike and able to view the tour on OLN. It does amaze me that we have so many couch sportifs and directors who seem to have all the answers and have never been in the tour themselves.

Cycling yours
re: Let's face it!Djudd
Jul 21, 2001 6:33 PM
Right On! or Ride On!
While we're at it,mike mcmahon
Jul 21, 2001 6:43 PM
let's cancel all the sports talk shows that use announcers who have never played pro sports. Let's cancel all sports shows that allow viewers to call in to discuss their favorite sports. My point is that being permitted to spout off about sports and athletes is a long tradition, and sports would probably suffer if we weren't able to express ideas, make observations, spout half-baked theories, rant, second-guess, and otherwise feel that we have something to valid to say. I don't think anybody here really believes that he or she is stronger or more tactically astute than those riding the Tour. However, that shouldn't deprive us of the opportunity to play armchair coach or d.s.
While we're at it,CyclingWolf
Jul 21, 2001 7:28 PM
Hello Mike,

Maybe so..I guess my concern was more the uncalled for names and bashing which seems to belittle the sport.
I agree with that part (nm)mike mcmahon
Jul 22, 2001 12:34 AM
All sport have arm chair Coaches, and I need a raise.Canidraftyou
Jul 21, 2001 10:23 PM
"All sports have arm chair Coaches, and I need a rasie."

Peace out,