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Did anyone else scream when Jan.......(1 post)

Did anyone else scream when Jan.......James1
Jul 21, 2001 4:27 PM
...rode off the side of the road and did that endo?

(what an opportune time for a commercial huh??? I wish we could have seen that descent in its entirety)

I started yelling HOLY SH** HOLY SH** HOLY SH** and my wife got rather alarmed yelling at me from the other room- "what happened what happened?" She is almost as into the Tour as I am. I guess my huge enthusiasm has rubbed off on her.

Anyways, I was relieved that he wasn't hurt and I will admit inside of my I got excited when I thought to myself, Lance is really going to make some serious time on him now. I was confused when I saw him waiting and then I thought, gosh you have to respect that he is doing this. I've always been a huge fan but that really made me realize how much I respect him.

I've also gained a lot of admiration for Jan as well. It would not be the same Tour without him there. He is a fighter and will never quit.

Man I love this sport.