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Jul 21, 2001 2:44 PM
There was a pretty good debate a few days ago on this forum (2500 hits)reference Ullrich and Armstrong - who is the most talented. After watching the mountain stages this week, I think the debate is answered (jschrotz argued most passionately for Jan in the debate, but must admit now he/she was wrong). Even Jan admits he is in his best possible condition, but has nothing left to answer Armstrong with. Armstrong leads us to believe we haven't seen the best of him yet. The guy is AWESOME. After today's sportsmanlike gestures (waiting for Jan after his brush with harm, and LA's remebrence of his fallen comrade, Fabio C) hopefully some of his critics, especially the French press (I am French and can readily see the media unfairness here in Paris), will be won over to the class and TALENT of the American.
Perfectly stated n.m.AD14
Jul 21, 2001 6:35 PM