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I'm no hero-worshipper, BUT...(2 posts)

I'm no hero-worshipper, BUT...MikeC
Jul 21, 2001 10:48 AM
I'm as impressed by LA's leadership and poise during this year's Tour as I am by his physical ability. He waited, and held his team together during the TTT; he chose the right moments to lie back, and the right ones to attack; he encouraged other riders as he passed them; he waited for JU today when he crashed; he encouraged him after the crash to keep going.
And he smoked him when it was time to sink the putt. Not just once, but each and every time so far this Tour.
It's revealing how other riders speak of him with respect: "It was beautiful to watch him as he passed me..."
He may not win five Tours in a row (he may not even ride two more Tours), but I believe he will surpass The Badger and maybe even match The Cannibal in terms of the legend he builds.
Not a hero worshiper either, but if I was, Lance would...drumhead954
Jul 21, 2001 4:09 PM
be my guy over the past several years and for many to come. I remember the class always exhibited by his American prececessor, Greg LeMond, and I am so happy that our two American TDF winners have been such very exemplary champions. I only wish there was not such resentment from the European (or perhaps just French) press at times simply because an American is besting them at "their sport" and "their race".

Don't forget - "what am I doing...what am I doing? Six hours a day on my bike - THAT'S what I'm doing"--Lance 1999, 2000, 2001.