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Lance found a new team, "Telecom"(9 posts)

Lance found a new team, "Telecom"Canidraftyou
Jul 21, 2001 8:03 AM
My thoughts on the subject. Yeah, since its my Topic, ill get it started. I think Lance should go to another team next year. The Postal team has not proven to be of any help to Lance, FACT, not speculation. Lance has used the Telecom team to his advantage, FACT, not speculation. The only reason Lance is even on the Postal team is because he would no longer be America's "boy", this is speculation, see I can be fair about it all. Maybe he should move to Mercury this next season, would that be great! This would not only help Mercury, but bring cycling to another level in the U.S. people already reconize the Postal team for who they are. What if we had two teams that the world would reconize.

If Lance had a team that could help him and give him support, he could win another two or three tours im sure, SPECULATION again. Man-o-man, fun aint it. Hell, ride for Telecom. Oboy! ill get some feed back on that one. The only reason he rides for the Postal team is the money is better as long as he wins. But that is not a sure thing if he continue with the Postal team. "I would get out while the gettin is good."

Peace out,
Would you like some cheese with your whine?TJeanloz
Jul 21, 2001 9:46 AM
The Postal team is every bit built around Lance, and is a team of pure domestiques. They're not good enough to keep up with the fastest bike rider in the world. If they were, they'd captain their own teams. On paper, Postal is one of the best teams in the race. Unfortunately, they don't race on paper.

Heras finished 4th today, ahead of any Telekom domestique.

Rubiera was in the top 20, right behind Vinikourov (Telekom's climbing domestique).

Ekimov is one of the best rolluers in the world- and an Olympic gold medalist. Not to mention that he and Lance have been on the same team virtually their entire careers.

Hamilton has posted some astounding results in previous tours (3rd in the Metz TT in 1999). He is a really strong bike racer who's had a bit of bad luck this year (he's still recovering from a very bad crash early this spring).

Hincapie has the speed to win a stage, yet selflessly keeps the field together on long 'spriters' stages, forgoing his own glory.

VandeVelde? A lot of people have said that he didn't belong at the tour. But the reality is, he's a lot stronger than many of the bike riders who are there.

But here's the crux of the matter: The USPS team is there to help Lance win. As much as it seems like they haven't been a help, you can bet your bottom dollar that Lance hasn't been going back to the team car to get himself more water. Those who say that the team haven't been any help are really just demonstrating their ignorance of the finer details of team cycling. Bottom line, the team's job is to get Lance into yellow at the cost of their own glory. As of now, Lance is in yellow.
Everybody wants to know what im on. On!..."Reality."Canidraftyou
Jul 21, 2001 12:57 PM
Heras gets a golf clap from me, the way I see it, he owned him because of the time trail. Lance was 35 min. in the hole, and he (LA) got himself out of the hole on his own. In fact, Telecom helped more than the Postal team did. The postal teams job was to help him get yellow, now the job of the Postal team is to keep Lance from loosing it. One more thing, during Lances interviews, he is alway at the defense of his teammates prior to any negativity even being said by the interviewer, that spells weakness in my mind.

"I think I stepped on a toe or two, if it hurts, get out of the way."
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You can us it...LOL

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Its not that you stepped on a toe or two...Mike K
Jul 21, 2001 2:05 PM
You just put your foot in your mouth by talking about something you don't seem to have a very good grasp of...
Heras again...TJeanloz
Jul 22, 2001 9:27 AM
Again today (Sunday), we have another climbing stage, and another day with 2 postal domestiques (Heras & Rubiera) in the top 20. 0 Telekom domestiques in the top 25. It has become apparent that for Armstrong, the race is won in the mountains, and as such, his team is at its strongest in the mountains. With the exception of the day at Alpe d'huez, the Postal team has been the strongest team in the mountains- far superior to the Telekom group.
I have to agree with TJeanlozMikeC
Jul 21, 2001 10:33 AM
The USPS team was largely built for LA's climbing support, and I think it worked very well today. Heras definitely helped out today, and the whole squad kept the peloton in the game during the early breakaway attempts. While Lance has proved to be from another planet during this year's climbs, he's had mountain letdowns in the past, as well as days like last year's Hautacam, so I think the strategy is valid.
While Telekom is impressive, they haven't made a huge difference in the race for Jan, and I'll be surprised if they can be so dominant in the flat stages that they can make up the time gap. By the way, USPS is still fourth overall as a team...
Maybe Livinston is a spy and continues to work for Lance. (nm)Bruno S
Jul 21, 2001 10:51 AM
Maybe Livinston is a spy and continues to work for Lance. (nm)Old Guy
Jul 21, 2001 8:56 PM
Good god, I think you're right. He must be a double agent. I don't know why I didn't see that before. Bruno, you're on to something.


I like the fun that some of us have the ability to post.Canidraftyou
Jul 21, 2001 10:28 PM
I laughed at the post. I wish my next quote was mine...LOL, "Can't we all just get along." (R. King)

Peace out,