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Ullrich's tactics. What would you do?(8 posts)

Ullrich's tactics. What would you do?PingPong
Jul 20, 2001 3:15 AM
I was wondering what tactic Jan Ullrich can use in his situation?
I expect he is hoping that Lance will skip breakfast one day!

Chris Boardman suggested on Eurosport that Jan's only hope is to drive hard with his team from the start of each mountain stage in order to tire Armstrong. Based on the idea that Jan is more of a slow burner than Lance.

It has often been remarked that Ullrich's fitness increases as the tour progresses whilst Lance fades. I think he is going to have to fade a lot!
Fake an injury. LOL nmLazy
Jul 20, 2001 6:10 AM
re: Ullrich's tactics. What would you do?dough
Jul 20, 2001 6:14 AM
Conspire with other teams to launch attack after attack to force Postal to cover each one. His only hope is for Lance to bonk.
He said he wanted Beloki and Moreau to help him...Bruno S
Jul 20, 2001 9:17 AM
during the l'alpe d'huez but they didn't/couldn't. I think if ONCE, Telekom and other teams work together they can break USPS. But then who takes the win?
re: Ullrich's tactics. What would you do?Big Lug
Jul 20, 2001 8:29 AM
Ullrich's only chance for victory is if one of the camera motorcycles runs Lance off the side of a cliff. He's a great rider but I'm afraid he's just the first loser again.
Jul 20, 2001 1:42 PM
In a three week tour, everybody has a bad day. Even the demi-god that we call Lance. Recall in each of his tour victories, he had a day where his performance was sub-par. There is a very serious threat that he will have a bad day, Ullrich will take note, attack and pull back a few minutes. I think that Ullrich believed that Lance was having such a day on the Alpe d'huez stage, and was preparing to attack and punish Lance on the final col. But Lance was being a big kidder and Ullrich came out the worse for it. Lance can, and will, have a bad day. The question is whether or not Ullrich will be able to capitalize on it.
re: Ullrich's tactics. What would you do?kinglouie
Jul 20, 2001 2:08 PM
I remember thinking as I was watching the tour earlier on... That it seemed to me they (telecom) should not just be "sniffing" up Lance & Co's. butts the whole time just waiting for someone to make a move. hat they should push the issue. Instead they just waited (Kevin shoulda known better!) And Jan watches the results probably thinkin' "What the f@#*!"
Crash! Oh, my, that didn't work...Dog
Jul 21, 2001 1:50 PM
Ullrich tried the crash technique, but didn't get hurt badly enough. Just got dirty. :-)

All that's left now is to try to split the field into one of those 30 minute break things. USPS probably won't let that happen, though...