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American media response to TdFNeedSpeed
Jul 19, 2001 5:52 PM
Okay, I'm not bragging or anything but after a week of anticipation, my DirecTV was finally hooked up today and I'm now watching the half-way recap on OLN right now. I was wondering how is the TdF coverage in American newspapers and television stations throughout the country. I live outside D.C., and the Washington Post and USA TODAY have daily recap stories about each stage. The stories aren't long, but at least there is daily coverage. I've seen nothing on local television and of course SportsCenter only gives about 4 seconds. How is the coverage of the TdF in your region and lastly, if Lance wins again, do you think FOX or ESPN2 will try to get national/North American rights to the 2002 TdF?
re: American media response to TdFDjudd
Jul 19, 2001 6:07 PM
I hope OLN keeps the rights to the tour, after the sad coverage in the past by ESPN i.e. listening to Adrian Karsten drone on, the folks at OLN should be canonized. Come on 4 hours, Wednesday Friday and Saturday we could be in France and not do better. By the way, I work at a major media outlet in DC, be thankful they don't try more coverage. If it is not football, basketball, football baseball or golf, around here, it does not exist or is not worth covering. I tried to talk my editor into covering at least the TdF he looked at me blankly and called cycling "foolishness".
Drop your editor on a saddle sometimeslowideclyde
Jul 20, 2001 11:02 AM
and get him to ride a century. Get him on a charity ride if that what it takes. When he's done, if he's even able to finish, he will no longer consider cycling to be foolishness.
Radio updatesLazy
Jul 20, 2001 6:07 AM
On the local sports radio station they do an update/score report every 20 minutes. They have been including a Lance update. Not really a TdF update. He's the only name they have mentioned. Still, it's progress though.
NewspaperBrian S
Jul 20, 2001 8:55 AM
My local mewspaper sports section runs a half page story every day
I need to subscribe to YOUR newspaper!!! Your sports...drumhead954
Jul 21, 2001 3:54 PM
editor must be a cyclist! I would love to know where your paper is getting a half page of info to produce an article. Unfortunately, many, if not most, non-cyclists have the same opinion of cycling as the buffoon editor mentioned above. Concerning this, I got into an email battle with my local sports editor last year for writing in his opinion column that the riders were spineless for "condeding the race" after Lance dusted the field on the first big mountain stage last year. The essence of my argument was that he should not make critical comments when he had NO understanding of the sport or stage racing.

At least our European friends do love and appreciate the sport and turn out in the millions to watch stage races in person!!! There should be a compulsory class in cycling, say around the 10th grade, and then we would have many more fit Americans who would fall in love with bicycles and cycling like each of us did somewhere during our lives!!! It only takes a little bit of serious exposure!!
re: American media response to TdFLAIrish
Jul 20, 2001 9:50 AM
The LA Times isn't too bad. They've had a stage report every day, usually, about 12-15 column inches, somewhere near the rear of the Sports section. It includes a graphic of the next day's stage and a listing of the leaders.

When Lance won the TT, it was on the front page of the Sports section, continued inside, so it was a pretty long article. Moreover, the reporting was pretty decent as well.

Today, the Tour report was on page 3 of Sports, at the top, so it looks like they're moving the reporting forward as Lance comes to the front.
SF Chronicle reports almost every day, andOld Guy
Jul 20, 2001 10:05 AM
they even had an article in the sports section today that was ONLY about the upcoming family event in December!
re: American media response to TdFbkrfrmwa
Jul 20, 2001 11:01 AM
OLN is great & live audio feed lets me listen while I "work"
newspapers mention it, but I don't think the majority of America really cares unless Lance is winning. Once he wins it will be news.
Local paper picks up AP, but even AP was incorrect recently!slowideclyde
Jul 20, 2001 11:10 AM
The AP writer incorrectly stated that Heras launched Lance off the front on Alpe D'Huez when he dropped Ullrich like an anchor. The Dallas Morning News does devote some space to TdF coverage, and even sometimes puts a picture of Lance on the front page, but it's probably just because he grew up here. Still, it's better than it used to be.