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Lance Wins Again! 3rd Day for Texan(3 posts)

Lance Wins Again! 3rd Day for TexanOld Guy
Jul 19, 2001 8:21 AM
In a historic stage today, Lance Armstrong repeated a hat trick last seen when Bernard Hinault won three stages in a row in 1985.

Clocking in at 8:42.55, Lance overslept his main rivals and both Frenchman Francois Simon and Kazakh Andrei Kivilev.

"This time I started out playin' possum just like yesterday, although I think it was expected. With the absence of my family and the concerted efforts from my teammates, I was able to hold my form throughout the night. I think I got four, maybe five periods of REM. I'm pretty sure I had a dream about my first bike, too."

Breaking from the pattern of the last few days, main rival Jan Ullrich dropped to 156th on today's stage. A teammate who asked not to be identified (although it was Kevin "Quisling" Livingston), said that Jan got up at least three times during the night to urinate. He also noted that during at least one trip to the WC, the German pounded his head against the wall repeatedly and muttered unrecognizable oaths.

A visibly disheveled Ullrich boarded the plane this morning for Perpignon. "At least we'll be closer to Vichy, now," the Telekom star sneered at Bonjour Francais reporter Simone Delasteinberg.

Armstrong's performance vaults him into the Yellow Jersey for the first time in this tour. He is expected to outride, outstare and generally intimidate the rest of the field through the Pyrenees and into Paris. It also cannot be forgotten that his wife is better looking than all the other partners to the peloton...
re: Lance Wins Again! 3rd Day for Texandough
Jul 19, 2001 10:31 AM
Man, you have one heck of an imagination. That is funny stuff! I hope you don't mind that I sent it along to a few friends.
re: Lance Wins Again! 3rd Day for Texan? CipoTom C
Jul 20, 2001 5:25 PM
Just for the hell of it, didn't Cipolini win 4 stages in srow a couple years ago?