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Eusktell and Lance show muscels(3 posts)

Eusktell and Lance show muscelsPeter E
Jul 18, 2001 12:41 PM
Yesterday i was stunned over Lance's show up Alpe d'Heuz, never tought anyone could ride that much better than the rest of the pro's. Today it was expected, that it was gona be a show by LA wasn't that much of a surprise.
But how about Laiseka in Euskatell, lost time to most of them in the flat part but actually rode as fast as LA in the upphill.
I just say watch for the orange jerseys in the upcoming climbs
re: Eusktell and Lance show muscelswscott
Jul 18, 2001 1:31 PM
Too bad their best placed guy is about 20 minutes behind Armstrong and it's not even Laiseka. Only hope is for stage wins, Postal isn't going to bother chasing any of those guys. Shame some aren't closer, so that they could team up with ONCE, and Kelme and put Postal under big pressure. Seems like Lance is on the verge of running away with it, but things could change and it could remain an interesting race. I think all of the Euskatel riders missed the split on one of the early stages and loss around 18 minutes. I suppose they will still send riders in breaks and if those contain other GC threats they could still liven the race up somewhat.
re: Eusktell and Lance show muscelsPeter E
Jul 18, 2001 4:14 PM
I don't think that Euskatell bother so much about the GC, their main concern is and probaly has all the time been stage wins.
Who is the best Euskatell-guy in the GC?? Extebarria??
Ain't that odd that their 20min after LA either, many guys have lost a lot of time to the best, think it was in stage 8 that a group gained 30min and only the best has been able to close the gap a bit.

But it's sure fun watching the Euskatell and their attacks. Iv'e watched some spring worldcup races on eurosport and in some of them the peleton was all orange in the front when the mountains started araising. Unfortunately it seems that the Euskatell-team had better form in the spring-season and it's to bad that they only got a wildcard so that they didn't had time to prepare and focus on the tour.
but now lets hope for some entertaining attacks in the mountains by Euskatell, ONCE, Kelma and all others that can keep the action going in the tour.