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What's next...mts., mts and more mountains then Luz Ardiden(1 post)

What's next...mts., mts and more mountains then Luz ArdidenTom C
Jul 18, 2001 8:35 AM
If what we just saw is the belly of the Tour, what comes after the rest day will be it's heart.Stage 12, July 20 is the hors d'oeurve.4 climbs in respective order, category 1,2,3,3. Then a warmup, Stage 13 July 21st,6 climbs Category 2,1,1,1,1 ending with a climb, as the French say, hors categorie or beyond category.At last Stage 14, 5 climbs, Category 4,3,4 finishing with 2 climbs beyond category, the col du Tourmalet and the famous climb in the clouds up Luz Ardiden which makes this perhaps the most important day of the Tour and certainly he who emerges ahead after these three stages in the Pyranees will be the winner. These 3 stages favor the pure climbers with those in contention for general classification trying to advance while not having a bad day. At this point a bad day is a no no. Enjoy fellas. Ladies too.