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After a horrible day at work....(3 posts)

After a horrible day at work....NoWillpower
Jul 17, 2001 7:01 PM
....and a self imposed media blackout. I fumbled home, happy to see my VCR taped the mornings events. I grab some fast food, pop in the tape and settle down for four hours of climbing. Damn, 1st thing I see are pink jerseys at the front. No sign of USPS. Madaleine is done, wheew, LA hung on for that one. Just two more LA, just hang on to fight another day. The phone rings...i dare not answer because I'm sure the person on the other end knows the result (i find out later, he does indeed).
LA makes it over Col #2. Looks bad for the finale. I'm actually hoping that LA is sandbagging, playing possum. Being a relative novice to cycling, I'm not sure if people do that.

L'Alpe arrives. THings get twitchy in the peloton. LA and Rub move forward..HAHA...I knew it...I'm getting pumped. LA looks over his shoulder two times, and the bomb explodes.

That was FREAKING AWESOME...I'm clapping and cheering like I'm at a football game, yet I'm all alone in my den.

Sure help improve my day.
The Tour can do that to a guys daySpyder Ryder
Jul 17, 2001 8:25 PM
Yeah I kept my word check out the time stamp a few posts down on my "ALRIGHT!!! Lets see whos watching l'Alpe d'Huez live!!" post

4:57AM BABY!! Oh yeah the die-hard has come out to play.

You missed a hell of a live stage man Lance did look like crap and Phil and Paul were dogging him and USPS the entire way. I wasnt worried because, yes Ullrich did have Benedict Livingston, Vinekourov, and the other Telekom goons, but Lance had Heras and Rubiera, two studs at least equal to the firepower Telekom had up front. Then on the overhead shot on the start of l'Aple d'Huez you see 2 postal jerseys heading towrads the front, and the rest is Tour history.

See did you like watching the Tour/cycling before July 6th? People like you are what US cycling needs new blood, new fans and MORE EXPOSURE!! Hoefully the third time is a charm and cycling catches on here in America big-time. When LeMond was going off over there there was no TV now that people can see the sport and how amazing it is, "I'm clapping and cheering like I'm at a football game," the fan base will grow and grow. YEAH BABY!!! I've been following cycling for about 7 years now back when Big Mig was cleaning up, and Lance was this bullish power rider and he was the only hope for US cycling, now with Julich, Vaughters, Hamilton, Hincapie, Benedict Livingston, and others cycling will be the next big sport to hit American shores.
The Tour can do that to a guys dayFlame
Jul 18, 2001 4:30 AM
Cycling and know-it-all elitist cyclists need to understand that to make the sport of cycling more mainstream, they must cater to the common folk.

Ice hockey has finally learned this. The NHL, thru ESPN will broadcast certain games that are "tutored". Hockey can be a difficult game to understand to those who have not grown-up with it.

Cycling needs to figure out a way to bring attention to its sport to the masses in a way that THEY will accept.