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Going crazy, no cable. What was going thru JU's mind when...(2 posts)

Going crazy, no cable. What was going thru JU's mind when...seth1
Jul 17, 2001 12:40 PM
He yanked out his ear-phone. I was reading the live updates and it just said "Ulrich pulled out his ear-phone". Was he just fed up and disgusted that he pulled LA all the way to the base of the Huez, to be blown off his wheel? What did it look like was going on there?
here's my recap...Francis
Jul 17, 2001 1:02 PM
So all throughout the race, JU is getting the reports that Lance is suffering and this is the day to take him out. So he's pushing the pace to punish Lance and USPS. He's been set out perfectly by Telecom to catapult up the Huez. So it's time to make the move.

Ulrich: Wait a minute what's Lance doing up here? I thought he was cooked?

Lance: (EVIL GLARE!!) It's time to meet your maker monkey boy. Thank your team for helping me kick your ass. CYA.

Ulrich: (Bows down to the ground) Shize! Shize! Shize!! I fell for that stupid play-dead routine

Team Ulrich: Jan, it's time to go! Get off your butt!!!!!!!

Ulrich: Shut up bitz! (takes headphone off)