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L'Alp d'Huez -- Now what?(4 posts)

L'Alp d'Huez -- Now what?SimpleGreen
Jul 17, 2001 12:19 PM
After reading all the posts about today's fantastic stage 10, what's going to happen for the rest of the Mountains?

First the Poker game has benefits. Most of USPS didn't work hard and should be fresh for stage 12-14 with the MTT and rest day coming up.

On the negative side of the "Poker Game" is that other teams might not pull anymore at the front. USPS will have to take charge. Telekom got burned today, and they are probably seething.

Rubiera and Heras were strong like I anticipated. Rubiera was an aggressive rider with Kelme, but where was Pena? And will Hamilton recover from stomach problems?

As predicted by many, stages 12-14 will loom large.

What an exciting Tour! I guess I'm gonna buy the tapes this fall :)

re: L'Alp d'Huez -- Now what?Lazy
Jul 17, 2001 12:46 PM
If I'm USPS, I don't think I have to pull anything. Lance is ahead of all his rivals right now. It's up to Festina, Telekom, and ONCE to put some time on Lance.

I don't think it'll happen this way, but LA can sit in and suck wheel all the way to Paris and still win.

Great race indeed. I'm eager to find out what Beloki, Ullrich, and Moreau are going to do to wrest the Maillot Jaune from Lance. By the end of tomorrow's TT Lance will be very close to the yellow I imagine.
Hamilton is sick... he???....HaHaHaHaaaHaaa!jba
Jul 17, 2001 1:14 PM
Hamilton is sick...

Or IS HE?!? Who knows! This may be all part of Bruyneel's Master Ruse! He'll use up Heras and Rubiera in the first couple mountain stages, then a miraculously refreshed Hamilton powers Lance up the rest! I doubt this will be the case, but it would be the second slap to the faces of Pevenage and Ullrich! Man.

Oh! I hope the trickery is not over! I hope Bruyneel has more up his sleeve. By now, Telekom must be completely demoralized.

I, like others, suspect that other teams will not push the pace to catch breakaways after the big bluff postal played on them. The other teams may let Postal do all the work in the mountains from now on since lance needs to make up a bit more time on Kivilev.

Wooo.. what if Ullrich comes back in the next mountain stage (ITT excluded) like he did in 1998 when Pantani blew him away on the previous stage? He made a huge effort that next day.
Hamilton isn't Hamilton...he's...mr_spin
Jul 17, 2001 1:53 PM
(sounds of latex mask ripping off) Marco Pantani!

About the 1998 tour--yes, Ullrich came back with a huge effort the next day, but it was a photo finish between him and Pantani. He gained nothing except a stage win. Not that a stage win isn't impressive!