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Eurosport CoverageJ2AS
Jul 17, 2001 10:15 AM
I'm in Austria for a couple weeks and am catching the daily coverage on Eurosport. The Brits covering it (with the exception of Irishman Sean Kelly) are on dope. Today on the first climb they aleady had LA written off - "Its clear Armstrong hasn't the legs today to compete with Ullrich". By the second climb they had the stage going to Ullrich, Botero second, and LA a couple minutes back. After he won, they bad-mouthed LA saying he all but stole the stage from Ullrich by making Telekom do all the early work and "faking" bad form. I guess they didn't have the cycling awareness to figure out Ullrich did no more work over the first 2 climbs than LA (only his team worked). I miss Phil and Paul and my Dish! Its one thing to expect to hear the French slam LA, but when Eurosport jumps on the bandwagon that's almost too much.
They're not perfect butzelig
Jul 17, 2001 11:17 AM
if you were getting the UK feed, David Duffield, who's the lead announcer, is one of the biggest LA fans around, plus he's been doing cycling broadcasts for the better part of 40 years. He also was a competitive cycler and still rides today at 70. He knows the racers, their DS', the team managers, the courses and race history. Plus he doesn't shut up so you during the slow moments you can learn about the region the race is going through, the local food, culture and history. At least he takes a view on things, including who's going well and who isn't and he gets very excited about good racing. Plus he's into the latest bikes and trends in equipment.

I've been watching Eurosport broadcasts for almost 3 full seasons and Duffield's one of the best. You might note that he was and is Phil's mentor in the broadcasting game. He loves Anglophiles in the peleton and he's not one to slam riders. I would agree that the studio crew, except for Boardman who knows a thing or two about bike riding, are a bunch of idiots. UK's own version of Adrian Karsten.

While I've not watched OLN as they've come to be after I moved from the States, I've watched the TDF broadcasts go from good, to very good, to okay on ESPN over a 20 year stretch. The coverage, including the commentary, on Eurosport is very good.

Hope you enjoy Austria. It's a great place to visit except for Jorg Haider.
They're not perfect butJ2AS
Jul 17, 2001 11:55 AM
Thanks for the insight. I'll have to give them another shot (I'll turn my volume up tomorrow even though I swore after today's stage I would continue watching only without volume). They really were down on LA/USPS today though, but I suppose I may be a bit over-protective of "The Man".
I watched the Relive againzelig1
Jul 18, 2001 12:43 AM
and the part I think you were referring to was a 60 second discussion, started by Duffield, regarding how the other teams would perceive/react to USPS as a team, not taking any pulls at the front during the stage, a valid point. It wasn't a negative discussion nor was LA mentioned but just something brought out for the viewer to know as it might relate to tactics later in the race.

Again, I thought Duffield was effusive in his praise for Lance and his cycling class. Since you've been watching Eurosport, I'm sure you know that there's a recap in the evening, early on the following morning, and before the next stage's live broadcast. I'm surprised you're getting an English language feed in Austria. I was in Prague for four days last week and the Eurosport feed varied from Czech to German.
I watched the Relive againJ2AS
Jul 18, 2001 1:48 AM
I have a dish here in my apartment and am getting the UK feed. I watched the Relive last night too, but it didn't show all of the early conversations that took place on the first two HC climbs. The Eurosport telecast yesterday was from 10 am 'til around 5:30 pm while the Relive was only about an hour-and-a-half.
I have 6+ hours on tapezelig1
Jul 18, 2001 2:59 AM
which I'll get to over the weekend. Couldn't get out of the day job to watch the stage live although I'm going over to Paris on the 29th to watch the finish and snag some photos. Eurostar had a special £50 return ticket deal. Getting to Paris from Wien or Salzburg, assuming you're in those areas, might be a bit of a slog but if LA's cruising in yellow into Paris.........

If you're going, the guy who posted pic's from last year's final stage in the race photo section sent me an email with some tips and a map which I'll gladly forward on to you. Last year's stage was unique in that it was entirely in Paris, rather than coming from outside of the city but its still helpful information.
Well said, butXJT
Jul 17, 2001 1:57 PM
The vast majority of spectators prefer neutrality be incorporated "play" and "commentary" guys. Albeit I am not from Europe, thus, it may be handled a little differently there. But as a former sports news broadcaster, I find extreme biased very offensive and unprofessional (even when it favors my team). Unless everyone in Europe hates Americans, or Lance (which is certainly possible) then I can't see why making the statements those Euro color guys made (and I did watch some of their broadcast), would be considered professional or accurate.

I guess if the guy isn't biased against Armstrong (or Americans) and just flat out thinks "tactics" in general, or those used by Armstrong were innapropriate....he's just flat out wrong. I don't give a f*ck if the guy invented bicycle racing.

EVERY FORM OF COMPETITIVE RACING INCORPORATES TACTICS. Nearly every major racing event uses TT's or TT Qualifiers that allow some advantage to those that are just flat out physically or mechanically faster but do not employ tactics or defensive stradegy to their racing style.

It all makes racing fun, and personally, I don't give a f*ck if Lance was playing possum or not....IF ULLRICH HAD THE SHIT TO WIN STAGE 10, HE WOULD HAVE WON STAGE 10.

Oh, and I did enjoy the ES broacast but think the Phil and his boys from ESPN and OLN are better.