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Who has a realistic chance against LA...(7 posts)

Who has a realistic chance against LA...Lou M
Jul 17, 2001 9:23 AM
out of the three guys in front of him?? None of them.. The question really is who might have a chance who is currently trailing? After LA's display today it is hard to imagine that anybody is in his league. He is a freakin' machine. I look forward to the rest of the tour now... I am sure the French are starting another inquiry and trying build another unfounded, baseless, doping case against him...

I can't wait to see Ulrich' suffering face on TV tonight. Can you imagine his feeling of helplessness when LA dropped the hammers? Scary...
Ja ja and beloki, but ...Shockee
Jul 17, 2001 10:28 AM
... I think Lance is proving to be one of those handful in history whom are in a different league than this contemporaries. Attacking on the 1st big mtn day, at the bottom, alone and not waiting-and-pacing a foe ... this is the script for characters like Merycz, Coppi, Hinault. Previous winners Lemond, Fignon, Ullrich and Indurain were not even one day so bold and convincing as Armstrong was today.

Keep in mind that Ullrich did also blow away the entire field in winning style today - don't be fooled by his plodding stroke. I kind of worry that he doesn't have that concentration-camp leanness that Lance is sporting right now. This year's Tour has too many climbs for him. Of course, many riders 'find their wind' only after a day or two of this type of racing and he is losing pounds with every passing day.

Kivilev's only hope is that his teammates can keep him from being knocked out of contention. This guy would benefit from major misfortune befalling Jaja or Lance (crash, bad food, serious tactical error allowing another escape) - a very slim chance of that happening.

Too bad for L. Jalabert. No more Great French Hope. Too far back on G.C. now.
Don't cry for ja jamr_spin
Jul 17, 2001 10:39 AM
He'll never win the tour, but winning two tough stages at the end of a great career is nothing to be sad about. Too bad will be the day he announces his retirement.
Ummm, LeMond had at least ONE bold and convincing day.slowideclyde
Jul 17, 2001 1:58 PM
Ask Fignon about it; I'm sure he remembers it well. 1989 tt in Paris, trailing by a whopping 50 seconds. I never cared for Fignon, but he was a 2 time champ, so he wasn't some chump LeMond whipped in that tt. LeMond's victory in '86 was pretty convincing too since he only had 2 teammates working for him while the rest worked for Hinault. This is not to take anything away from Lance. In fact, I think he'll join the handful who have transcended the sport if he wins this year, especially if he continues winning the way he won today. Il est magnifique.
you're right .. and he also had some bold ideasShockee
Jul 17, 2001 6:28 PM
... that turned out to be right on the money: eg. using Tri-bars and aero helmets. I apologize for assuming that TTs just aren't exciting enought to say that someone can make a 'bold-move' in - I just think of them as 'safe days' for those with the legs be assured their deserved time. I just have the perception that the guys I listed as not-so-bold were occasionally critisized for being too cagey and less go-for-broke-solo-attackers like Eddy and Hinault. I look forward to seeing Lance attack like that in Yellow like Hinault would often do!
Ja ja and beloki, but ...jschrotz
Jul 17, 2001 3:21 PM
Don't forget that Ullrich blew everyone away on the stage to Arcalis in '97, leaving Pantani and Virenque in his wake. He also blew the field away in the hilly first time trial so badly that year that second place went to Virenque whom he passed for 3 minutes during the stage.

Fignon and the rest had their days of boldness as well. Indurain on the climb up to Hautucam in '94 destroyed the hopes of the rest of the field. Fignon had two days in the Alps in '89 where he put those famous 58 seconds on LeMond. LeMond's ride to take back those 58 seconds, and the attack he put on at Luz-Ardiden in '90 were both pretty bold as well.
If Telekom is truly a Team ...Brian C.
Jul 17, 2001 10:50 AM
They'll realize how they were suckered, they'll regroup and they'll come out like a team on a mission. Of course, there's a whole lot of 'ifs' implied here.
Whatever, this is going to be much fun to watch.