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USPS team not helping Lance(2 posts)

USPS team not helping LanceNeedSpeed
Jul 17, 2001 4:47 AM
It's becoming obvious that the Postal team isn't as strong as we'd though. Vande Velde's withdrawl may have affected the team a bit, but this is supposed to be a climbing team. Now already, Lance is behind the Telekom-led 1st group and Heras and Rubierra have already been dropped leaving Lance all alone. To make matters worse, guess who's setting the pace that's dropping cyclists all over the place: that's right. Kevin Livingston. Ouch.
re: USPS team not helping LanceNeedSpeed
Jul 17, 2001 1:26 PM
Okay, okay. Flog me with a DuraAce chain. I watched the stutter-stream from EuroSport this morning and the text from CBS this morning before work and was pissed that there were apparently no other Postal members helping Lance. I didn't know that Rubiera (who had been hurting in previous stages) and Heras dropped back to the front of the peloton and then Lance dropped back to the car, chatted with Johan, had an expresso, read the paper, faked out Telekom and then, with a pull from the USPS Spaniard, proceeded to anhilate the lead chase group, Ullrich and Roux as if they were sitting still on tricycles. Most of this happened when I was en-route to work, so when I got here I vented. As long as Lance can get flat lead-outs from George and Tyler and help in the mountains from Rubiera, Heras and Pena, he'll be in yellow by the end of the Pyranees stages. I'm looking forward to seeing "The Look" on SportsCenter, on FOX and the whole recap on OLN tonight. Go Postal!!