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Ok so the posties are clean, how about CA?(2 posts)

Ok so the posties are clean, how about CA?Bruno S
Jul 15, 2001 7:56 PM
I sense some similarities between all of CA and Dario Frigo. Dario Frigo was not supossed to be able to climb and he did. Like a goat. CA was not supposed to win the TTT (in their own words) and they did. O'Grady after several grueling stages can break away with riders that are way down on the GC because they haven't really attacked before.

Look at the following report, there is stuff out there that is undetectable and its way more advanced that EPO. Dario was using it during the Giro. It took a police raid to find out. Do you think they will raid the TdF? No, because it would be its end if something like 1998 its repeated. So while everybody is making sure that the Americans are clean other teams may be using that to their advantage.
Stop throwing mud.Spyder Ryder
Jul 15, 2001 11:29 PM
First off CA was the top placed team in the race, thats why they went last, CA has a good team with Voight, Vaughters, and Julich, so give them some credit. Second of all, who can say who is taking what?? Hell I'm a 400m runner and I know I couldnt run as fast as I do without being doped up on caffine and ibuprofin.

All of this will be moot in a few decades, the most cuting edge technology is genetic doping. Lance is a stud, Jan is a stud, wit or withoud drugs they would destroy all of us put together right?? Their genetic makeup allows them to pedal all day and night long without getting that tired.

Let me ask you this, what would happen if I took their endurance genes and put them into me?? I would be destroying them because I would have all of Lance's powers AND Jan's add in a little cippolini sprint genes, Pantani climbing genes and I would win every race I entered from the Tour to the WC to the Giro, Vuelta, Paris-Roubaix, you name it. I could destroy Cippo in a sprint, Pantani in a climb and Lance in a TT, no lie.

Heres the best/worse part since the genes are incorporated into your own genes how would you be able to detect them?? How would you know who is got their genes from their parents or those who got their genes froma needle??