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Live OLN RULES - recast sux(3 posts)

Live OLN RULES - recast suxBigMig
Jul 15, 2001 7:38 PM
Well. First let me extend my deepest apologies to all of you without OLN. You might want to leave now so you are not saddened further.

This is for those of you with OLN who have been watching the 9pm est show thinking it's the real deal. Well, it's not.

-Tired of Bob Varsh hogging the mic with stupid commentary for 5 minutes before and after every commercial? (I am convinced he is the one who started using the term "posties" first)
-Tired of seeing Bob Roll ask the dumbest questions during interviews? (at least show him how to hold the mic)
-Tired of seeing Jessica Grieco get sent to do the dumbest fluff stories about tour history and atmosphere of the TdF?
-Tired of seeing Kathleen Murphy's travel guide reports on France?

Set your VCR for 9:30 AM EST and have it record a 3hr block. The LIVE coverage rocks. Sure, you get Bob Varsh before and after commercials but for only a few seconds...not minutes on end. The rest of the time is spent with Phil and Paul.'s heaven and it can run over the 2 hr time block :) depending on how long the stage takes to finish. With 3hrs recorded you won't miss a thing and you can FF past the USPS and Montero commercials.

It is a bit disappointing. The Giro coverage was very good. Phil, Paul and Bob in the booth (Bob is not so bad up there). Also the night recast would only differ from the live coverage by taking out some of the feed to get it down to two hours. Very good viewing.

But this stuff with the 9pm Recap is crap. It reminds me of the old network coverage of the TdF or even the early EPSN days. Was it NBC that used to spend 45min of an hour show talking about the freaking vinards and 15min spent showing the race? What is next OLN? Are you going to hire Tesh to do music over the live sounds of the us American's are able to accept and understand this sport better?

I tune in to see a race. Race sounds and race commentary, not a bunch of fluff. Find some real stuff out there that nobody has done before about the riders diet, training, riders sizes and body makeup, team tactics, breakaways, feedzones or bikes and you might be on to something. Act like those who will tune in are doing so because they want to see the TdF, not because they happened to be flipping channels and saw an interesting story on the great war battles of France.

Roll and Jessica are experienced riders that could lend a lot to the coverage if you wouldn't send them on these stupid filler stories. In fact, I bet Jessica can do a better interview than Bob...why don't you give her a try and let Bob join the other two in the sure would beat looking at him.

As for Varsh and Kathleen...

Let Varsh do a couple of US Crits or something before you send him to the big show, if he must insist on bicycling coverage. I mean, the guy has never even seen a race before and probably isn't even a rider. I actaully think a 'Dennis Miller (aka MNF)' spin might be a kinda cool change. Someone who rides and knows about biking but will be able to ask insightfull questions of Phil and Paul that many viewers probably also wonder about. Hmmm...come to think of it Robin Williams does a lot of riding and has been seen at past TdFs. Then again...he might never give the mic up if he gets it.

Sorry, but Kathleen has to go. Give her a job with one of your travel shows. This is nothing but a free trip to France for her. Bet she hasn't even watched 2 complete stages.

Anyway..OLN - hope you listening.
Hey Bobke is cool man,Spyder Ryder
Jul 15, 2001 11:05 PM
He has the respect of a lot of the riders in the peloton and having him on the team, I think is really cool. He is actually really articulate and quite a good writer as well so dont harsh the weasel, ya crusty taxer.

Varsha I will admit has no previous cred and started out kinda rough, but it is live TV and he's catching on slowly. C- at the halfway point, decent for live TV.

The chix are kinda bad which one is the wannabe comedian?? She is starting to grind on me a tad, and I cant even remember the other one.

Remember when Frankie Andreau was on for one of the segments?? Has anyone had a Frankie sighting since?? I haven't.

As for Dennis Miller that would be interesting "Hey Liggy, what the fucl< is up with this O'Grady guy?? huh?? Is he a sprinter or what, babe?? What do you thing Sherwino??"

As excited as I am about l'Ale d'Huez I am not about the starting time. Since I am on the west coast it starts at 4:30AM so I'm gonna try to go to bad at like 9PM
Hey Bobke is cool man,spindry
Jul 16, 2001 5:27 AM
I totally agree. The Giro coverage was amazing and Bob Roll was much better in the box with Phil and Paul. Varsha must go, he's a complete waste of time, I FF through all his crap.