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I hate to sound like a grouch, but CBS coverage is lousy(8 posts)

I hate to sound like a grouch, but CBS coverage is lousymike mcmahon
Jul 15, 2001 4:25 PM
I don't have the fortune of having OLN, so I watched the CBS weekend wrap-up coverage today. Was it better than nothing? Barely. In 60 minutes, CBS probably did 10 minutes of actual race coverage. They gave us a history lesson on Dunkirk. They re-hashed the Lance Armstrong story. Despite the fact that Liggett is supposed to be part of the coverage team, we got about 10 seconds of him. The remainder of the coverage was done by someone who can't seem to pronounce the name of any rider except Armstrong. CBS showed no evidence of cycling knowledge in its coverage. Stage 8, with almost the everyone finishing outside the time limit, was just another stage with a shot of Dekker crossing the finish line. I'll watch it next week if I'm in the house, but I'm not going out of my way to be near a TV for CBS's coverage next week. It may even be worse than ABC's work.
At least....biknben
Jul 15, 2001 5:51 PM
...The music for the Mercury Mountaineer commercial has changed.

Why did they spend 15 minutes covering the Prologue. Then another 15 minutes discussing French history. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh

When I saw the results at the end of the show I figured they made a mistake. I had to go online for an explanation of Sunday's stage.

Going over a friend's house Tuesday to watch L'Alpe-D'Huez on Tuesday. No way I'm gonna miss that one. If big things don't happen I'll be back the next night for the TT.
You think you got it bad?!Pyg Me
Jul 15, 2001 5:57 PM
I was getting my dish installed today. It was the old, "We'll be there between noon and 5 pm" routine.

So round about 4:15 they show up!

Yee-Haw!!!! Two vans! Two technitions!! I figured an hour tops and I was going to be ready to sip a cold one and watch the OLN coverage at 8 pm.

These two dudes were on my roof about 45 minutes when they brought me the bad news. Due to my heavily wooded backyard, they were unable to get more than a 70% signal. Even with a light rain or cloudy day, I could count on the reception going out!


I'm gonna have to get digital cable and I dont want it!!
You might want to.........NoWillpower
Jul 15, 2001 7:44 PM
...try the other DISh service. You never said which one you tried. Though both DISH, and Direct SATs are in the Southern sky; they aren't in the exact same place. Maybe the one you didn't try, may get a better signal.

I got DISHNETWORK, i was suprised to see where he put the dish. Its mounted on the eave of the house, and looks like its pointed right at the roof (which is very steep). But somehow the signal is great. I also believe DISH has more Sats to choose from.

Good Luck
HEY, to NOWILLPOWER!! are you hooked up yet??Spyder Ryder
Jul 15, 2001 6:16 PM
Its soooooooooooo nice isnt it?? L'Alpe d'Huez is gonna be so amazingly cool to watch but I have to get up at like 4:30AM to watch it all, I think I'll aim for 5:30 and hope that they havent got to the first HC climb, the Col de la Madeleine, but we'll see if I can even get up and make the 5:30 deadline.
Oh yeah........NoWillpower
Jul 15, 2001 7:29 PM
...just finshed watching todays stage. Pretty awesome. Won't be able to see much live. But the cool thing about DISh is that you can program it to turn on the VCR.
CBS had exclusive coverage several years ago...pathetic.slowideclyde
Jul 15, 2001 7:14 PM
I feel for you guys without OLN. I've only missed Le Tour twice since '85 and don't know what I'd do with only a small amount of crappy weekend coverage. ESPN and ABC were weak, but at least they gave us 30 minutes of daily coverage with Liggett and Sherwin. CBS had exclusive coverage for the third or fourth win by Big Mig and it was as pathetic as today. The final day in Paris was preempted by a stock car race that went way over schedule and they spent about 5 minutes covering the final stage and ceremonies. Disgraceful!
re: I hate to sound like a grouch, but CBS coverage is lousyLardog
Jul 16, 2001 11:49 AM
Man, I'm sorry to hear about your predicament. I watch the OLN coverage at least twice a day. (I know I'm sick). I gave that CBS recap a go yesterday. It was more than laughable. The total same day stage coverage consisted entirely of *Dekker wins today's stage*.

To the person with the Dish install problems, man, your trees have got to be awful tall. One of my family members has a Dish at a vacation home in the mountains, in the middle of huge pines. I agree, try another service. I've got Dish Network mainly because of cost and their college football coverage, however, DirecTV has more satellites to choose from.