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Good riddance Vandevelde!(12 posts)

Good riddance Vandevelde!John R.
Jul 14, 2001 7:42 AM
I hate for USPS to lose a man but this guy is dangerous.

John R.
Explain your point!Cima Coppi
Jul 14, 2001 10:57 AM
Vande Velde is not entirely at fault for his fall in the TTT. The rain made the course very slick, esp. on the painted lines. I'd like to see you ride a TT bike in those same conditions, at that same speed and 3" from the wheel in front of you. As far as the other falls he was involved in, we do not know is he was at fault or not because the cameras were not on the scene. You can't lay blame on him for that!!

USPS is going to miss his strength, maybe not in the mountains, but he's a good rider to have protect LA on the flat stages.
I agree.Lazy
Jul 14, 2001 3:28 PM
It's a total bummer to see him abandon the cause. He's a strong rider and seems like a cool guy. Never good to see one of our local boys drop out of the race.
Yeah Vande Velde is a studSpyder Ryder
Jul 14, 2001 5:07 PM
Could be a top rider for the white jersey since he is only 24. If you blame Vande Velde for the poor TTT then blame Zabels flat for the bad Telekom TTT, he should of been riding more attentively and not of gotten a flat, right?? No.

Crashes happen, flats happen, bonks happen, basically shit happens and Vande Velde got the wrong end of it, but he certainly would of helped Lance through the last stages guarenteed.
Explain your point!Bobby B.
Jul 15, 2001 9:38 AM
Hey, we don't get paid to get the job done as a pro cyclist does. He failed to do his job properly and paid the price. Don't defend the guy - he was interviewed right after the TTT and took full responsibility for it. He's a man, he screwed up, he admitted to it.
Echoing Bobby B.John R.
Jul 16, 2001 5:15 AM
I don't buy this argument "you try and ride 3" from the wheel, etc.". By this reasoning almost no-one can be critical of a pro sportsman. These guys get paid good money, which comes from sponsors which get it from my hard-earned money when I buy their products. So indirectly we all support these guys and therefore I feel I can be critical when I want.

Vandevelde is young and his inexperience was showing in this Tour. He cost LA at least a minute and maybe more against Ullrich. What's so mysterious that I am annoyed with him and feel the USPS is safer with him gone? All we need is for the guy to crash and take LA out.

John R.
So tell me this,Cima Coppi
Jul 16, 2001 7:42 AM
Are you going to be happy to see any rider abandon after a crash because they are inexperienced, and should not have been there in the first place. Take for example Ivan Basso. He crashed and broke his clavicle on a wet decent trying to follow JaJa's wheel. Happy to see him leave??

Give me a break, $h1T happens, even to the best of riders. If LA overshoots a decent on the mountains, will you call him careless and inexperienced?
Yeah, and...mr_spin
Jul 16, 2001 8:32 AM
How do you think young riders get experience? By NOT riding the tour? By NOT making the team? I love that logic.
Just for the record...John R.
Jul 16, 2001 1:32 PM
I am NOT happy when someone gets hurt or when USPS loses a man.

I WAS very annoyed that USPS lost valuable time due to the crash.

I DO believe Vandevelde lost his concentration - twice.

Several here do make GOOD points in defense of CV.

So my apologies to CV, the entire Vandevelde family and cycling enthusiasts everywhere if I seemed harsh.

John R.
Gimme a break!CSIGuy
Jul 16, 2001 1:40 PM
I'm sure the entire Postal squad is very sorry that they made you VERY unhappy. I'm sure their intention was not to ANNOY you!
Keep buying those .33c stamps in support of YOUR team.
Jul 16, 2001 9:03 AM
Christian is young and inexperienced? Young, I'll give you. Inexperienced, no- he's quite an accomplished cyclist. This is his fourth season as a pro, and you can imagine how much racing you have to do before even getting the pro contract. It's his second Tour- he finished his first in 1999. He's also finished the Vuelta. Has two World Cup stages to his credit. 17th at Flanders, 20th at Milan-San-Remo. If that's not experience, I don't know what is- everybody can't be a two time tour winner.

Everybody has the right to be critical of people who don't do their jobs. I get pissed off at McDonalds all the time. I have no tolerance for incompetance. But crashing is a part of pro bike racing, and no amount of experience makes it go away. Look at Alex Zulle, one of the best bike racers of the 1990s, but couldn't manage to avoid the occasional crash. You think that USPS has lost a dangerous loose cannon- what they've really lost is their go-to guy for trips back to the team car for more food and water. They've lost a guy who can bust his gut chasing down a break. They've lost somebody who was expendable, and has now been expended- too early if you asked me.
Echoing Bobby B.Larry Meade
Jul 16, 2001 9:53 AM
When the crash happened USPS was up by 1 minute. They finished 24 seconds ahead of Telekom. That looks like 36 seconds lost by my math. Just for fun, try pumpimg up your tires to about 150 psi, getting into a full TT position and then go riding on painted lines in pouring rain at 50kph. It is not much fun and many many riders have fallen in similar circumstances. Try watching the 93 Worlds tape. Armstrong crashed twice due to the rain during that race. Using your reasoning he was too dangerous to be world champion. By your own standards it would seem that you would want Hamilton to crash and abandon next. He has already crahsed this tour and has had crashes in each of the last two tours as well. MY GOD! He is too dangerous to even ride in the same country as Lance. Better that he crash now so that he doesn't crash Lance in the mountains....This type of reasoning is pure unmitigated piffle.