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Anyone know why Gilberto Simone of Lampre-Daiken...(2 posts)

Anyone know why Gilberto Simone of Lampre-Daiken...TJfreeride
Jul 13, 2001 11:58 PM
is not riding the tour?? I watched him win the Giro and was wondering if his efforts in the Giro took too much out him to compete well in the tour. Do teams generally have only one leader for the entire season or do they have a designated leader for each big stage race. Who is the team leader for Lampre-Daiken in the tour?? Did he not exert himself in the Giro so that he would have soemthing left for the tour??? Wondering why some of the more favored riders like Ullrich are not being mentioned much so far. Also, is Johaan Museuw the team leader of his respective team (Mapei, I think)??? Thanks.
Purely speculationCima Coppi
Jul 14, 2001 5:08 AM
As I understand it, Simoni's decision not to ride the TdF was because he wanted to prepare for the late season races, primarily the Vuelta a'Espana. Its now a very difficult task to be competitive for the Giro and the Tour, and frankly its a good thing he did not show up because Lampre is not riding well. They finished last in the TTT, and the don't have any riders in the top 50 on the GC.

Museuw is riding for Domo-Farm Frites, but he is not the leader. The "leader" of the team is typically wears the number ending in 1 on their jersey. For Domo, Romans Vainsteins is wearing 191. Neither one is a contender for the GC, but the team is working hard to help Vainsteins try to win on the flatter stages.