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Lack of TDF Coverage in L.A. California(3 posts)

Lack of TDF Coverage in L.A. Californiaroadman
Jul 11, 2001 2:15 PM
If you live in L.A. call Adelphia Cable (877-772-2533) and demand that they make OLN available to Los Angeles cable subscribers. OLN is carrying daily coverage of le tour.

Does any know of a sports bar, bike shop, home or someplace that I can get my daily fix of coverage??? In or around Glendale.
I will gladly come armed with beer!!!

thanks, bryan
Won't workmike mcmahon
Jul 11, 2001 3:43 PM
I'm in Sherman Oaks and have sent something off to Adelphia more than once demanding OLN. They have responded that there is not enough interest but thanks for the feedback. You need to find someone with a dish: most likely DirecTV. I don't have it and haven't seen a minute of Tour coverage on the tube yet.
re: Lack of TDF Coverage in L.A. CaliforniaLardog
Jul 12, 2001 2:42 PM
I've seen every minute with Dish Network. There are many other reasons to get Dish Network as well. They're playing it not once, not twice, but three times each day!