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Best and Worst Daily Diary?(3 posts)

Best and Worst Daily Diary?Pack Meat
Jul 10, 2001 9:41 AM
Ok, I understand that I may be getting way to fanatical about the Tour but....

Which rider's daily diary is the best and which is the worst. I guess I'm partial to Vandevelde, found on, because he's from Chicago and the diary's well written.

The worst in my opinoin is Julich's, on I've never heard anybody whine so much.

re: Best and Worst Daily Diary?TommyBoy
Jul 10, 2001 11:23 AM
Are you a Chicago rider, Pack Meat? I like Julich. I hope he stays in the top ten. Hoever, I haven't seen his journal yet. I'll watch out for the Wendell Whiner tendencies.
re: Best and Worst Daily Diary?ScottV
Jul 11, 2001 9:22 AM
I also like Vandevelde's diary and I'm not from Chicago :D. The only other one that I've read is Hamiltons and it very boring. I crashed here, I crashed there, boring, boring, boring.