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Danielli Nardello.(6 posts)

Danielli Nardello.Versun Jetericks
Jul 9, 2001 4:15 PM
Did you guys see Danielli Nardello crash and stop twice to get bandages?

He gets a little wound on his elbow and lays in the road for five minutes wondering if he'll get back on his bike. He's laying there like he broke his collarbone or worse. The medical staff catches him, puts a small four inch bandage on his elbow and he takes off, seemingly no worse for the wear. A couple of kilometers later he's stopped agian, complaining that he's bleeding. He's washing blood off his forearm (it's dripping a little from his elbow) and getting a new dressing while the peloton is speeding away. What a sissy. You're in the Tour de France wearing your nation's colors and all you can think about is a little wound on your elbow. I mean it's just skin. Suck it up. Most pro cyclist would give all the skin off their arms just to have a chance to race in the tour, let alone represent your country. He almost didn't make the time cutoff because he's playing with his band-aid and washing blood of his arm. Suck it up Nardello and get a bandage when you finish. I remember when Stuart O'Grady crashed a few months ago and tore all the skin of his right side. O'Grady's bleeding like a stuck pig and he finishes...without bandages. Now that's toughness!

I'm going home to watch the tour. What do you think or Nardello?
hard to say from the sidelinesColnagoFE
Jul 9, 2001 4:28 PM
maybe he thought he'd broken something. personally i thought he was pretty tough just to finish. who knows how much pain he was in. i think he came off like a champ and not a wimp.
If it was too deep a cut he could bleed an awfull lot. Pass out!Groucho Marx
Jul 9, 2001 6:08 PM
Who knows. He needed stiches afterwards, so not only did he have a cut but he probably bruised more.

Have you ever been hurt, not seriously, but to the point where any physical effort makes you laugh, and giddy cause you can't do it? Its a really wierd.

Anyways take it easy on the guy. Just cuz you see blood doesn't always tell you the extent of the injury.
I don't HATE the guy.Versun Jetericks
Jul 10, 2001 10:07 AM
I'm just saying I think he's a over dramatizing the crash. In my opinion he could've kept ridding and cleaned the blood off later. You all disagree with me and bring up good points. I just think that bike ridders crash and, if you can get back up, by all means start ridding. Let's just agree to disagree.
re: Danielli Nardello.Only300
Jul 9, 2001 10:07 PM
I also think you should take it easy on the guy. He's a world-class rider, placing in the top ten in the Tour de France his last two attempts (I think 7th in '99 and 8th in '98). Maybe he was really in pain or had the wind knocked outta him. He did finish the stage in time and that is all that counts after such a crash.
re: Danielli Nardello.jschrotz
Jul 10, 2001 12:51 PM
Have you got your head up your arse?? Why the hell would he want to overdramatize it if all that is going to come of it is losing a ton of time and a long solo effort into a strong wind?!!