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Lance's FormJohn R.
Jul 9, 2001 2:09 PM
I cannot remember where I saw it, but I read something which reviewed the weights of the riders after their pre-tour medical tests which said that LA was 5 kilos lighter than last year! It also said that Jan was 2 kilos over his ideal which his coach called his reserve prior to the mountains.

If this is true, then I worry that LA peaked too early as some have warned and LA himself said it was possible (when trying to downplay himself as the favorite). Remember how Indurain would come into the Tour overweight and work it off in the first week?

Add to that the psychological pressure of more doping accusations and the hounding of the press and this may be Jan's year after all. I wonder why no-one questions Ullrich on doping since he won so convincingly in '97 and hasn't equalled it since the crack-down.

John R.
re: Lance's Form--Ullrich a doper?BigDaddySmooth
Jul 9, 2001 2:57 PM
John R., with due respect, check your facts about Ullrich. Let's see: 1993-World Champion amateur RR in Norway, 1996 Tour 2nd place, 1998 Tour 2nd place--lost on one mountain stage, unfortunately to Pantani, 1999 Vuelta 1st place, 2000 Olympic RR champion and silver in TT. All this plus the 97 Tour. The only thing that can stop Ullrich is Ullrich. Ullrich on dope--yeah, right!
I retract my insinuation...John R.
Jul 9, 2001 4:01 PM
...I didn't mean to suggest Jan was doping - just wondering why some get so much attention and others don't.

John R.
Personally...Ron B.
Jul 10, 2001 12:13 AM
I think a lot of the added speculation and articles on Lance is because he is an american cyclist who is beating the europeans at their own sport. Yea, this sounds bad but it's my guess why you hear about Lance and not Jan.

Then add in the ignorance and arrogance of the press and their insatiable need for sensational articles and you get lots of speculation.

The problem now days is all that it takes is the suggestion and it puts doubt in most everybodys head. A suggestion leads to conviction in many peoples minds especially when you add in the past problems of the sport.

It's pretty sad that most people can't take ones word as the truth. I guess I'd like to remain an optimist based upon my observations of the athletic world. If you pay attention to Olympic sports many times the winner is so far above the rest of the field it is very noticible. It does not matter what sport it is, the best is the best and you can tell. This is generally because the best has the best genitics and most desire to win at that sport.

In the case of Lance he has incredible genitics and more than likley has a very high pain tolerance when it comes to athletic events. If you compare his numbers to an average person the average person would probably pale in comparison even after rigerous training and drug usage. He is just a statistical anomalie in the athletic world.

Call me nieve but I believe him when he says he is clean and until somebody can prove it with some hard evidence I will continue to belive him.
It's not completely outlandish...Lazy
Jul 9, 2001 4:26 PM think that at some point in his life Ullrich has doped. He probably had no choice in the matter during the GDR "sports machine" days. I don't see how listing a Palmares indicates dope usage, or lack there of.

He almost definitely is not on dope now I would say though. Hopefully he's on form too, I need some new trainer material for this winter. The closer the race the better!
Besides that...Bruno S
Jul 9, 2001 5:19 PM
He rides better than Lance. During the prologe he didn't move the upper body or head just perfect pedaling. Lance tends to move from side to side. He may not be faster but has smoother movements on the bike.
Thats because of the difference in cadence.Groucho Marx
Jul 9, 2001 6:14 PM
When you're using monster gears like Jan, your upperbody tends to brace against the effort. But I agree, and so does lance. Even he says that Jan is probably the most talented bike rider in the peleton.
Its not Lance vs. Jan rather USPS vs. TelekomSpyder Ryder
Jul 9, 2001 7:50 PM
What you guys have to realize is that cycling is a team sport and the USPS team is SOOOO pwereful this year. Yeah we did lose Livingston to Ullrich but I'd take Heras over Livingston anyday. He did get 5th in the Tour and won the Vuelta last year remember? Then Rubiera was 11th in the Vuelta as a domestique for Heras on Kelme. Remember that Vande Velde didnt ride last year either and Kjaergaard filled in for him and did a nice job but now Vande Velde is back. Theres also this guy who beat Ullrich and Lance in the Stdney TT for gold Ekimov. Add the two US guys Hamilton in the mountains and TTT and then Georgie as Lances bodyguard and unless Lance crashes there is no way I can see anone else coming out on top, maybe a flat. Imagine it Hamilton out leading the pack up L'Alpe d'Huez with Heras, Rubiera and Pena leading Lance up to the final climb, then seeing him destroy Ullrich, Botero, Beloki, and Moreau away. Last year Lance was alone on many of the climbs and the team directly specified the problem for this tour.
re: Lance's Formwscott
Jul 9, 2001 3:17 PM
I don't think the 5 kg's lighter is compared to last year, I think it's compared to his off-season weight which is typically quoted as 160 or so, he weighed in at 66 kg or 148.5 lbs. I seem to remember last year his weight was in the low 150's at the tour start.
As for Ullrich, the guy could legitimately have 3 tour victories already. '96 he argueably could have beaten Riis if he wasn't on his team, and '98 he lost to Pantani because of one bad day in the mountains when he bonked and loss huge time. Last year, he didn't peak until a few weeks after the tour (and still finished 2nd) and managed to hold it all the way to the Olympics. He rode Armstrong off his wheel at the World Cup in Zurich, and decimated the field at the Olympics.
I think you hit it right on, when talking about timing of their peaks, if they are both right on in the mtns and the time-trial it will be one heck of a battle with probably very little time separating them. If either one isn't right on top, the other one will probably take it. Just a question of whether or not Armstrong has peaked too soon and can hold it, and whether or not Ullrich is peaking now or will peak in the mtns. You can never rule out someone having the ride of their life, either!