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Jul 9, 2001 1:22 AM
This is so much nicer then ESPN last year. Of course we have out Phil and Paul fix ahhhhhhhh... and then bring in Bobke Roll that old crazy nut seems to have leveled out a little but he still is sweet. The new guy is nice, Parsha right? but has maybe a little too much motor racing background. I think the coolest thing about OLN is the fact that it is such a new channel and there isnt much else on just the tour/calgary stampede/tour rerun/stampede rerun/tour rerun/stampede rerun/tour rerun/etc...... and while I am no too big a fan of rodeo I can not complain about the tour coverage. I actually got a new digital cable thing installed just for the tour so this is my first suare into OLN cycling coverage. They show the Veulta and the World Championships as well right? I cant wait

Where's Bobke?trimble
Jul 9, 2001 4:56 AM
Except for the preview show (just before the Tour) I haven't seen a second of Bob Roll. He's supposed to provide commentary and insight on the evening highlight show, but so far no Bob.

If you remember the 2000 Giro on OLN, Bob and Peter Young worked together on the evening highlight show - they worked well together. Bobke even did interviews in Spanish and Italian and then translated. I was hoping for something similar at the Tour.
yeah...noticed bobke was absent too...ColnagoFE
Jul 9, 2001 9:35 AM
d'ya think he got canned? A fued between "sherwen/liggett" and him? Who is the moron serving as the emcee? Why not just let Phil do that job? You gotta admit though that Bobke sometimes seems like a "deer in the headlights". Not really that great of a color commentator.
I miss his sideburnstl 1
Jul 9, 2001 4:39 PM
Her was commentating on a "history of the Tour" show on OLN today sans the wooly face hair.