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Veiwing of TDF besides OLN(3 posts)

Veiwing of TDF besides OLNGuest
Jul 5, 2001 3:06 PM
Which TV network besides OLN will be showing the TDF, we don't have OLN here so thats not good. What about on the net.

re: Veiwing of TDF besides OLNLardog
Jul 5, 2001 3:29 PM
From all that I hear, you're probably pretty much out of luck other than perhaps a 1/2 synopsis on one of the major three during the weekend sometime. You might want to check into getting OLN or have someone who has it tape it for you.
Jul 6, 2001 9:42 AM
The folks at velonews will probably be providing the same great web coverage they did last year. Go here:

From what I remember about last year, I'd come to work every morning (I live in Kansas), fire up VeloNews, go to the day's stage, and click the "Live Updates" link. Can't recall if the page refreshed automatically, or you actually had to hit the "REFRESH" button on your browser... but they kept feeding little sentences and paragraphs describing the action of the race. It's kind of a throwback to the early days of radio, when baseball games were broadcast to radio stations via telegraph or teletype. The tape would say something like "Lombardi Up... S1C (strike one called)... S2F (strike 2 fouled)... B1L (ball one low)... Out, Fly To Center" Broadcasters would then maybe use fake crowd noise and sound effects to recreate the game, make it sound like they were actually there. Until the wire went out. Former President Ronald Reagan actually had this job for a while. Once, when the wire went out, it's reported that he had some poor batter foul out 19 times in a row!

But I digress...

As far as televised coverage, I went to ESPN and ABC sports, the ones that had last year's televised coverage. There's not a single word about TDF on their web sites. My guess is that it's all OLN's baby this year. I'm lucky enough to have DirecTV at home, so I'll be watching! :)

I highly recommend DirecTV, btw. If anyone would like some real, first-person accounts about the pros and cons of DirecTV, email me privately.


Randall Kowalik