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Picks on individual stage wins, anyone?(4 posts)

Picks on individual stage wins, anyone?Cima Coppi
Jul 5, 2001 12:40 PM
Prologue in Dunkirk
TTT at Verdun
Stage to l'Alpe d'Huez
Mountain ITT at Grenoble
Stage to Luz Ardiden
Last ITT at Montlucon

Feel free to add other stages for this guessing game. I'd like to compair picks at the end when its all said and done.
American dominationMaillot Rouge
Jul 5, 2001 1:09 PM
The Mt. ITT will go to Vaughters. The guy can climb and the distance and the grade match the kind of stuff he grew up doing here in Colorado.

The last ITT will go to Ullrich because Lance will have blown himself up by this time.

The TTT will go to Postal. Armstrong, Eki and Hamilton can't be beat. Of course Telekom does have Ullrich and Bolts... hmmm this will be interesting.
my excellent picks and incisive analysis...jba
Jul 5, 2001 2:51 PM
Here we go folks:

Prologue in Dunkirk... MILLAR (I doubt Lance or Ullrich will come out swinging on the first day!)

TTT at Verdun... ONCE (Beloki and crew are on fire!)

Stage to l'Alpe d'Huez... LANCE/GARZELLI (Lance will win if rumors are true. Otherwise, some breakaway group consisting of italians and spaniards will win. An italian will win. Garzelli?)

Mountain ITT at Grenoble... LANCE.... Okay, I say Lance because he's been eyeing this one closely and Ullrich will be very close to his GC time. Vaughters? I doubt he'll keep his good form up to this day. I say top ten placing for Vaughters here.)

Stage to Luz Ardiden... BOTERO...(David Extebarria or Santiago Botero... one of these two will win unless Garzelli and team are still hungry for stage wins. Lance and Ullrich will be too tired of making googly eyes at each other for the past two weeks that neither will be able to attack the other. They will have exhausted themselves and their teams in attempts to keep each other in check. Breakaways containing non-GC contenders will be allowed to win.)

Last ITT at Montlucon... After a close standing in the GC, ullrich and armstrong will finally lash out here. Armstrong will persevere because he's got the bad-ass mentality. Ullrich will be a close second because he's gonna be feeling like Armstrong's little b!tch-ho after failing to lose him in the mtns.

Other most excellent predictions brought to you at no charge:

It will be a close GC race between Ullrich and Armstrong. The two will ride conservatively after realizing that neither is going to get far by attacking in the mountains (ie. no major attacks by this pair in the mounains will last because they will be sticking to each other like glued velcro that was bungeed together in a ziploc! They'll be holding hands and singing "KUMBAI-YA, GOOD NEIGHBOR" while riding up the mountains. Casagrande and Beloki will fight for 3rd as neither will be able to lose telekom or postal in the mountains and neither will TT as well. I think Beloki for 3rd.

Mapei men will play a big role in cleaning up stage wins as Telekom and Postal will not be too concerned with non-GC contenders breakaways. Mapei will lose time in the TTT and Garzelli will fall out of GC contention, so he'll have to suffice with a mtn stage win only. His boy-men will pick up stages left and right.

Botero and Extebarria will be looking good in the mountains in the absence of Escartin. Maybe a Pyrenees win for one of the two climbers.

Casagrande has a good team, but the they won't TTT and ITT as well as ONCE, Postal, and Telekom.

Ullrich will flat on a climb in the 13th stage giving Lance time to take a much-needed dump. The loss of weight and anxiety due to rectal pressure will encourage Lance to attack on the climb after the two remount their steeds. Livingston and Bolts will keep Ullrich close to Lance. Ullrich, catching wind of Lance's chamois, will check his cleats wondering who stepped in the dog poo. He'll silently accuse Livingston of the offensive odor.

That's all folks! Now where do I apply for my job as cycling analyst alongside Liggett, Sherwen, and Roll?
re: Picks on individual stage wins, anyone?look271
Jul 5, 2001 5:57 PM
Not sure about the other ones, but Lance will win the Mountain iTT. Bank on it. Ulrich is nowhere near the climber that Lance has become. This is where, I think, Lance will make his biggest gain on Jan.