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FYI...OLN on Time Warner Cable(8 posts)

FYI...OLN on Time Warner Cablenotes_clp
Jul 5, 2001 11:20 AM
Well after pestering my local TWC office for several weeks they called me to inform me that OLN which is the only channel showing the TDF **will** be available, but it will be on digital service which in my area will cost me another $14 a month. Can you say cancel service after the tour ends??

I would think this means that all subscribers of TWC should be able to get this so call your local office..
re: FYI...OLN on Time Warner CableBruno S
Jul 5, 2001 4:06 PM
The same here with Time Warner in San Diego. I asked if there was any install charge, charge for the receiver or minimum time I had to subscribe. They told me no so I went ahead and bought the service for $13 a month. It a very good deal for $13, many more chanels, better picture and sound but the best is a on-screen guide that is very useful. I saw the Giro and plan to see the TdF and the Vuelta but may cancel it during winter.
CUT THE CABLE... GET DirecTV--IT'S DA BOMB!!Randall Kowalik
Jul 6, 2001 12:45 PM
I am not a DirecTV salesperson... nor do I receive any compensation from them. I'm just a satisfied customer who will be tuning in to OLN tomorrow morning to watch The Tour! :)

But as long as consumers are baring their necks to the cable companies, the cable companies will be at the ready with sharpened fangs, ready to suck the blood from you.

DirecTV is not the perfect solution for everyone--but I'm now getting about twice as many channels as my local cable company's "expanded basic" offering, for about 30% less money. I used to pay @ $55/month for that expanded basic lineup, and the local networks. Now, I pay $15/month for the smallest cable offering (just to get local channels), and $40/month for a medium-sized DirecTV package. So for the same amount of money, I'm getting everything I got before, PLUS:

MTV2, MuchMusic, OLN, History Channel, HGTV, Oxygen, Game Show Network, CNBC, MSNBC, Noggin, both Nickelodeon channels (I didn't even know there was a Nick2!), TVLand, and dozens more.

Any drawbacks? Yeah, one or two. Installing the system can be challenging if you're not the "handy around the house" type. Think of it this way: If you can set up your own computer, your own stereo system, and you can do minor repairs around the house with your own toolbox... then you can probably install your own system. Also, severe weather can interfere with your reception. Light cloud cover won't affect anything, but when the big thunderstorms come, with heavy rain, lightning, etc. then you'll have to shut things down for a bit.

But the convenience is wonderful! Suppose that OLN was a premium channel, like HBO? If I want HBO right now on DirecTV, all I have to do is call a toll-free # and speak with a customer service rep. They take down a bit of info, access my account, make a few taps to the keyboard, and say "Okay, tune to channel 545. You should see HBO there now." Contrast that to the local cable company, where somebody has to come out to your home... after scheduling an appointment 10-14 days in advance ("Sorry, but we're really busy right now--that's the soonest we can get someone out there.")

If you have a pretty clear line-of-sight to the horizon on the south side of your property, with little or no obstructions from trees, buildings, power lines, billboards, etc.... then you may want to give this a try. It's wonderfully convenient.

Oh, and when DirecTV says "$29.99 a month," they mean $29.99 a month. That's what you see on your credit card. Not all these other little excises, taxes, fees, etc. that add another $5-10 to your monthly cable bill.

If you'd like to discuss this further, email me privately.

Randall Kowalik
Amen, bro!look271
Jul 6, 2001 5:33 PM
Just got mine this week. Great picture and sound, free installation, and more channels than I'll ever watch. I'll be taping the Tour and/or watching it tomorrow!
I just got DirecTV. I'm happy, but I'll really miss Bob Ross. :(boy nigel
Jul 10, 2001 8:21 PM
Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting. I had it installed here in NYC today, and I'm quite happy with it. It actually comes out to be almost exactly the same cost as my old Time Warner subscrip (Disappointing, since I figured the new system would save us some money).

Most disappointing to me, though--since I'm currently unemployed--is that New York's DirecTV doesn't get our local PBS station that shows The Joy of Painting ("Fluffy little clowds," "Happy little trees," etc.) every day at 2:30. That actually bums me out big-time. Unfortunately, I only discovered this AFTER I had the new setup installed. I can't figure out why DirecTV wouldn't give me a LOCAL PBS station. I get SOME local PBS stations, but not THAT one. Sucks.

Sorry for the rant, folks.

Happy but sad,
Bummer dude!! That's one of my faves!!! nmLazy
Jul 10, 2001 9:12 PM
Direct TV is good competition for cableTom Mahawkski
Jul 8, 2001 7:46 PM
Without it, you wouldn't be seeing 200 digital channels on cable. But don't write off cable yet. They have a high speed 2 way connection which Direct TV will never have and that will make much more advanced features (like VOD and dedicated streaming video channels like OLN to your PC) possible in the near future. Also, they are almost all dropping analog pay chs. to allow more digital chs. Each analog ch. spectrum space can provide 6-12 digital chs. depending on picture quality too. So if 10 analog pays are dropped you're picking up space for around 60-120 more digital channels. Can you tell I'm a tv freak?

Direct TV also has a tremendous advantage by not having local govts. sticking their fingers in the pie for "franchise fees" etc. or utilities soaking them on "pole attachment fees".

I LOVE OLN on cable or satellite though. Truly excellent coverage compared to the big network's offering last year!
Don't forget...Lazy
Jul 10, 2001 2:50 PM
Telephone service over cable too. Available now in some areas.