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car + bike + time -$$ = where would you go in the US?(1 post)

car + bike + time -$$ = where would you go in the US?wolfereeno
Aug 21, 2003 12:03 PM
I was laid off in July. But it's been a good thing though. I've been riding over 250 miles a week but starting to think I need to plan something epic. Once I'm working again, time won't be a luxury I can afford.

I live in NYC and was thinking about throwing the bike on the car and just driving west. Perhaps as far as the Grand Canyon. I could probably take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

I'm not sure if I'd want to take my road or mountain bike or both. I know I could rent a nice mountain bike in Moab for example. Is it a pain to drive around the sticks with a bike on the roof?

A challenge is that I'd probably be travelling alone. That might make mountain biking anywhere extreme a less atractive option. And I don't have to ride every day. I'd love to see Graceland or New Orleans. Burning man came to mind briefly, but it sounds just a little too intense.

Also, NY'ers are secretly paranoid about leaving the city. We're afraid that we might end up in the scene from Deliverance if we head too far out in New Jersey. Now I can live without Wo Hop being close by. But I don't know crap about camping (hiking I can handle) or dealing with hicks (ahem, I mean very nice country folk). Otherwise I'm pretty low maintenance.

Where would you go? Any suggestions?! Feel free to email me at

Thanks :-)