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NJ Area RBR Gathering....Anyone Interested???(8 posts)

NJ Area RBR Gathering....Anyone Interested???biknben
Aug 15, 2003 5:32 AM
Just sending out a flyer to see if anyone would be interested in a NJ area RBR Gathering. I know we have a few NJ riders and more in NYC.

I grew up in Northern NJ (Passaic Cnty.) and know routes up there. I live outside of Trenton now and have plenty more down here.

Some possiblities include:
-Passaic Cnty to Greenwood Lake to Bear Mtn., NY and back (one of my favs)
-GWB to Bear Mtn. and back
-Trenton to LBI and back
-Flat century loop between Trenton and the shore. (Possible FG century?)
-I also have a couple hillier routes in Western NJ off of Rt 78 and 22.
-More suggestions are welcome of course.

Available weekends:
Aug. 30-31
Sept. 6-7
Oct. 3-4

Let me know if you have any interest.
NJ Area RBR Gathering....Updatebiknben
Aug 18, 2003 9:24 AM
X-post from General board:

Well, I got more responses than I anticipated. After a few responses on Friday I was content and set the date for Sept. Then the responses kept coming and I continued to get them via e-mail over the weekend. Three weeks notice was a little too short for many (which I understand) and people were asking me to push it off to the Oct. date. This isn't a bad idea anyway. There will be less traffic around Bear Mtn. The temps will be cooler and we may also get to enjoy some nice Fall colors. It gives me a little more time to choose the best roads for the route, too.
With that being said, I'm setting the NJ RBR gathering date for Sunday, Oct.5th. This is far enough away that people haven't already made plans. It will also give those who have plans enough time to alter them if they really want to go.

I have a route in my head at this point. I do this ride a few times a year and would like to mix it up a little for my own enjoyment. I want to check a couple roads before I finalize the route. I envision the ride starting in Wanaque off of Route 287 (very easy to find and centrally located). The route will head North through Ringwood into the Sterling Forest area. Then we cross the Thruway into Harriman State Park. We'll use Seven Lakes Dr. to get to Bear Mtn. From there I'm thinking of heading South on 9W but turning to the West at some point and either go back to Harriman or going further South and then returning via Suffern and Route 202. The return route is what I want to check out before making a decision. I'll be choosing the most bike friendly option of course.

The ride will consist of rolling hills with a few small climbs mixed in. Bear Mtn. will be the toughest but there will be a couple more like it. Pace will be moderate. I won't be hammering but I prefer to keep things moving along. I will provide a que sheet and map for those who wish to go ahead or others who don't want to hold up the group. We'll stop as necessary for water, etc.

I hope everyone can make the date. We can always do another ride for those who can't make it. My apologies for making the NYC riders travel out of the city just to ride to Bear. Mtn. I promise you this route will be more enjoyable than just riding up and down 9W. If it's any consolation, it will take me over an hour to get to the start location because I live so far South.

Please reply so we can get a rough idea how many people may attend. A couple weeks before the ride I'll post a reminder here and ask everyone to contact me via e-mail so I can get everyone directions to the start, etc.

If you have a questions, feel free to e-mail me at

Hope to see you in October,
Well unfortunately I guess I'm out if the ride has to beLive Steam
Aug 23, 2003 1:18 PM
Oct.5th. Our club's annual event is that day. It is called the Pumpkin Patch Pedal. It runs out of Jamesburg, NJ. The details are at the link below. Well if the RBR ride is still on the 5th, have a great ride. I wish I could have attended.
Read some of the chatter here...biknben
Aug 19, 2003 6:31 AM
The X-post on the General board was getting a lot more action so I'll provide links just in case you missed it:

gcbgcb "NJ Area RBR Gathering....Anyone Interested??? (x-post)" 8/17/03 8:50am

biknben "NJ RBR Gathering Update..." 8/19/03 7:01am
re: NJ Area RBR Gathering....Anyone Interested???maddog
Sep 11, 2003 3:59 PM
Having just moved to New Jersey, I was hoping to get some ideas for good rides in the Trenton area. My initial impression is that there are some good roads, but that it is very inconsistant. Any good rides in the Trenton/Princeton area?
I remember you...biknben
Sep 11, 2003 4:32 PM
I remember you replying to one of my ride reports and saying that you were about to move to the area.

There is plenty of good riding around Princeton. Get a map out (or and on-line map) and look for some of the following areas:
-Skillman, Hopewell, and Lambertville for some rolling terrain to moderate climbing. This area is North of Trenton and West of Princeton. The Sourland Mountain Reserve runs through these areas. Decent roads with low traffic. Easiest way to get there is Rt. 518.
-Rocky Hill is to the North of Princeton. You can get on Canal Road and go for a while. The road runs along the Delaware Raritan Canal so it's pancake flat. It's very popular with riders on weekends when the traffic is low. The road is a little narrow and can be sketchy during the week.
-Plainsboro, West Windsor, Highstown, and Allentown are all East of Princeton. This is the area that I'm in. Good roads that just go forever. Flat to lightly rolling.

Feel free to contact me. I could show you around a little.
I remember you...maddog
Sep 11, 2003 5:04 PM
that's a very kind offer, I'll contact you in the next couple of days
Official ride reminder...biknben
Sep 30, 2003 4:57 AM
Here are some details on the Oct. 5th ride:
biknben "RBR NJ Gathering Reminder..." 9/30/03 5:34am