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Cross NY state(2 posts)

Cross NY statekokaku
Aug 4, 2003 4:32 PM
I am planning a cross NY state ride (Buffalo -> Albany -> NYC). I am interested in mostly following the Erie Canal with some side trips to the Finger Lakes and anything else worth riding along the way (nice hill climbs, cool scenery, whatever). I am aware of the Erie Canal Trail and SBR5, however I am looking for recommendations on other good roads to ride along that route.

For example, around NYC, SBR9 is not so pleasant to ride on (wide shoulders along most of it, but lots of cars and not so much scenery). I have heard similar things about SBR5 (though maybe things have changed since the usenet posts that I read). I'd like to have alternatives ready if I want to mix it up. My ideals are good scenery, low traffic, decent shoulders (in that order - I ride in NYC, so I can handle traffic, and no shoulders are okay if the traffic isn't too high).

Any suggestions from folks in that area or who have ridden across NY?
re: Cross NY statelarryp2
Aug 10, 2003 6:41 AM
try to include going down the west side of Cayuga Lake, I think it's state route 89. multiple waterfalls, spectacular scenery and very good road/shoulder. be aware you then have a significant climb out the other side. and stay away from state routes 5 and 20. they had some nasty construction a few weeks ago....ljp