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which is toughest "death ride" or "worlds toughest century"(2 posts)

which is toughest "death ride" or "worlds toughest century"dirtysky
Jul 14, 2003 2:25 AM
would like to do both and have already begun training. most likely will do one next year and the other in 2005.

by the stats (worlds toughest century 140 miles 14,500' climbing & death ride 129 miles 16,000' climbing) they seem pretty close. the reason i'm asking other than just being very curious is that if one is measurably more difficult i'll save that one for 2005.
responces from anyone who has done both rides very appreciated.
re: which is toughest "death ride" or "worlds toughest century"wily in pacifica
Sep 26, 2003 12:23 PM
I did both in 2002 and thought World's Toughest was harder.

Less riders so you may be out riding all by yourself.

Out in the middle of nowhere so cant just bag it like you can in the Death Ride.

In the DR you go up then down 5 times. In the WT you don't have any idea what lies ahead.

On WT you have a couple of real pisser climbs. One is something like 2,200 feet in 4 miles. I lost traction on my rear tire I was leaning so far over the bars.

In 2002 it was well into the 90's during the WT.

Less aid stations at WT so bring tso bottles and a camelbac.

I found another cyclist at the beggining and we rode together otherwise I would have gotten bored. If I did it again, and I plan to, I would bring a MP3 player since you cannot even pick up cell phones out there.

Willy in Pacifica