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San Francisco club in search of riders/racers(1 post)

San Francisco club in search of riders/racersFender
Jun 18, 2003 8:44 AM
Squadra SF, San Francisco's newest Bike Club is currently recruiting 5-7 riders of diverse abilities within the Cat 5 and 4 range. We are particularly in search of sprinters and time trialers, but mountain goats and all around riders are also welcomed.

We are a small club with 10 members, age's range from 22-40ish. Although we are race oriented, we are not race exclusive. We have riders present in 2-3 races per month. Squadra S.F. has three top priorities:
- Provide a club / team for riders that do not aspire to go pro but are avid riders and racers.
- Give back to the community (We support Haight Ashbury Free Clinics!)
- Fun!

When racing, we consider the success of one rider as the success of the club. Hence we race employing team tactics, such as covering breaks and doing leadouts. We ride like a team and race like a team!

We are a San Francisco based club, but we also have riders in the East Bay. Mid-week and weekend rides are held in Marin and the East Bay If you would like more information please email Javier at (yes, thats my address)

Women, juniors and triathletes are welcome to join.