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Any Bay Area, CA people in here? Need ride advice.(3 posts)

Any Bay Area, CA people in here? Need ride advice.jtown
Jun 16, 2003 1:02 AM
My friend and I have biked up a little road biking on our quasi road bikes (mtn. bikes with road tires). We live in the Cupertino area (South Bay) and today we biked to Stanford and back (~25 miles round trip). We wanted to eventually build up to a trip to San Francisco and I'm not quite sure what the best way to go is. Maybe El Camino? I noticed along 280 there is a trail or road that I always see a lot of road bikers on. Any thoughts?
El Camino is the worst routemohair_chair
Jun 19, 2003 8:23 AM
I don't actually know how to get all the way to SF from Cupertino, but I do know that El Camino is a bad idea. Your first step should be to go down to the bike shop and buy a Krebs "South San Francisco Bay & Monterey Bay Areas Bicycle Touring Map" map. It's the best map made for cyclists in the bay area. Once you have your Krebs map, follow along:

1. get on Foothill Expressway with all the other hundreds of cyclists and stay on it past Stanford (it changes names to Junipero Serra at some point).

2. At Sand Hill, just past the golf course, go left and up the hill, down the other side, over Hwy 280, then up and down the hill on the other side. At the bottom of this hill, turn right on Whiskey Hill.

3. Take Whiskey Hill to Hwy 84, then turn left. About a 1/4 mile down you reach a stop sign. Turn right onto Canada Road. By the way, Roberts Market is at this corner on the left. It's the only store around and a common stopping point for cyclists.

4. Take Canada Road all the way to the end, like the dozens of other riders out there are doing. Eventually you'll come to a signal where you turn left, but it's still called Canada road. At the bottom of the hill, turn right, onto Skyline (Hwy 35).

5. Skyline will theoretically take you all the way up to San Francisco. I've never gone past Crystal Springs Road, so I can't help you here. I do know there is a paved trail at some point, the Sawyer Camp Trail, that you can take instead. From there, it all depends on where you want to go in SF. You are very close, and the Krebs map should have some suggestions for the final miles.
re: Any Bay Area, CA people in here? Need ride advice.Wheelz
Jul 9, 2003 11:37 AM
The best route is to take Foothill North. It will change to Juniper Sierra, but just stay straight until you come to Alpine Road. Make a left onto Alpine and take it to Portola Road. Make a Right onto Portola Rd, it will turn into Sand Hill. Make a left off Sand Hill onto Whisky Hill Road and follow it to the end. Make a left at Woodside Rd and then a Right onto Canada Road. Follow Canada to the end. Make a left onto 92 then a right onto Skyline. Right onto Golf Course Dr (Hayne Rd) and then a left back onto Skyline. Skyline will parallel Hwy 280. Get off Skyline at the San Andreas Bike path and continue North, then get back onto Skyline (35)... Stay straight and it will eventually take you to HWY 1 and into SF.

Check a map, I did this from memory, so there may be some small roads I missed along the way. From Cupertino its about a 50 mile ride one way.

Good luck,